Proverbs (Pidgin Bible)

Proverbs 10

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Solomon Proverbs

  1. Proverbs of Solomon: Wise pikin dey give hin papa joy, but mumu pikin dey make hin mama sad.
  2. Property wey pesin obtain—na waste, but clean-hands dey save pesin from death.
  3. Baba-God no go let hungry beat righteous man, but he dey dabaru badbelle pipo wish.
  4. Lazy hands dey make man poor, but hand wey dey do business dey bring moni.
  5. Any-pesin wey dey work hard for harvest season—na wise pikin, but pesin wey dey sleep for harvest na pikin wey dey bring disgrace.
  6. Blessings na crown for righteous pesin head, but fight-fight nahin full badbelle pipo mouth.
  7. Di memory of righteous pesin na blessings, but di name of badbelle pipo go fade.
  8. Pesin wey wise for hin heart go receive teaching, but mugu wey dey tok-tok go fall.
  9. Pesin wey get clean-heart dey waka wit safety, but dem go catch pesin wey hin way get k-leg.
  10. Pesin wey dey look pesin wit bad-eyes dey cos wahala, and mumu pesin wey dey miss-yarn go fall.
  11. Righteous pesin mouth na well of life, but fight-fight nahin cover evil pesin mouth.
  12. Hatred dey ginger quarrel, but love dey cover all wrong tins.
  13. Wisdom dey for di lips of pipo wey get understanding, but koboko nahin good for mumu pesin back.
  14. Wise men dey gada knowledge, but mumu pesin mouth no far from scata-scata.
  15. Bigman moni dey for hin strong city, but poverty of poor pipo nahin dey kill dem.
  16. Righteous man hustle dey bring am life, but badbelle pesin salary na sin.
  17. Pesin wey dey accept discipline, dey waka for di way of life, but any-pesin wey no wan gree accept correction—go waka miss-road.
  18. Lie-lie full di lips of any-pesin wey carry pesin for mind, and any-pesin wey dey do tatafo na mugu.
  19. Plenty tok dey bring sin, but any-pesin wey hold hin tongue na wise pesin.
  20. Righteous man tongue na fine silver, but badbelle pesin heart na gbanjo.
  21. Righteous man lips dey feed plenty pipo, but mugu dey kpeme becos dem no get-sense.
  22. Baba-God blessings dey bring wealth wit-out sadness.
  23. To do evil tin be like sport for mugu, but man wey get understanding get wisdom.
  24. Wetin wicked man dey fear nahin go kill am las-las; wetin righteous pesin really want—nahin e go get.
  25. Afta rolling-breeze don sweep go, badbelle pipo sef go follow am go, but righteous man get everlasting foundation.
  26. As sawa drink be for teeth, and as smoke be for eyes, naso lazy man sef be—to di pipo wey send am.
  27. If you respect Baba-God, you go live long, but badbelle pipo life no dey last.
  28. Righteous man hope dey bring happiness, but wicked man hope go kpeme.
  29. Baba-God way na power for pipo wey get clean-heart, but scata-scata na di destiny of pipo wey dey do evil tins.
  30. Righteous man root no go fit ever komot from ground, but badbelle pipo no go stay for dis earth.
  31. Righteous man mouth dey bring wisdom, but corrupt tongue go cut komot.
  32. Righteous pesin lips dey tok beta tin, but na only bend-bend tok nahin dey for wicked man mouth.


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