Proverbs (Pidgin Bible)

Proverbs 14

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  1. Wise woman dey build her house, but mumu woman go use her own hand take scata her house.
  2. Pesin wey get clean-heart dey fear Baba-God, but pesin wey dey corrupt —hate Baba-God.
  3. Swegbe dey make-mouth and dem go flog am koboko, but wise man lips dey protect am.
  4. Where malu no dey, di box for nama food go clean, but di power of malu dey bring plenty harvest.
  5. Faithful witness no dey tok lie, but fake witness dey tok lie.
  6. Swegbe dey fyne wisdom and he no see am, but knowledge easy for pesin wey get understanding.
  7. Komot for where mumu man dey, wen you no-fit learn anytin from hin lips.
  8. Di wisdom of pesin wey get-sense na to understand hin way, but di kolomentality of mugu na to dey whyne hinsef.
  9. Mumu pipo dey laff instead of dem to change, but alubarika dey for where righteous pipo dey.
  10. Na you know where dey pain you, and no-pesin fit share inside your happiness.
  11. Wicked man house go scata, but righteous man house go prosper.
  12. E get one way wey be like sey e dey right for man, but las-las di way dey lead to death.
  13. Pesin fit dey laff, but he dey cry inside hin heart, and celebration fit end wit cry-cry.
  14. Badbelle pipo go reap wetin dem sow based-on dia way of life, and good man go get hin reward from Baba-God.
  15. Swegbe dey believe anytin wey dem tell am, but pesin wey get-sense dey reason hin way.
  16. Wise man dey fear and he dey komot hand from evil, but mumu pesin dey para and hin blood dey hot.
  17. Pesin wey dey quick vex dey do mumu tins, and pipo hate pesin wey dey do mago-mago.
  18. Ode go inherit kolomentality, but pesin wey get-sense go wear crown of knowledge.
  19. Evil men go bow down for good men front, and badbelle pipo go bow down for righteous men gate.
  20. Even poor man neighbour hate am, but bigman get plenty padi.
  21. Pesin wey hate hin neighbour don commit sin, but happiness dey for di pesin wey dey sorry for poor pipo.
  22. Abi pipo wey dey plan bad tins no dey waka miss-road? But mercy plus truth belong to pipo wey dey plan good tins.
  23. All hard work dey bring profit, but tok-tok dey make pesin poor!
  24. Wise man wealth na hin crown, but di kolomentality of mugu na yeye.
  25. Witness wey dey tok true dey save life, but witness wey dey lie—na wayo.
  26. Pesin dey get full-mind wen e dey fear Baba-God, and dia pikin sef go get place to hide dia head.
  27. Di fear of Baba-God na water of life wey dey flow, to komot man from trap of death.
  28. Plenty population na king levels, but prince dey fall wit-out plenty followers.
  29. Man wey no dey quick vex get beta understanding, but pesin wey dey quick vex dey show di high level of hin mumu.
  30. Heart wey get peace na good health, but jealousy dey spoil pesin bone.
  31. Pesin wey dey oppress poor pipo dey disrespect who create am, but pesin wey dey respect Baba-God, dey sorry for poor pipo.
  32. Dem go pursue wicked man komot inside hin wickedness, but righteous man get place to hide hin head—even wen death show.
  33. Wisdom dey rest for inside di heart of those pipo wey get understanding, but wetin dey inside mumu pipo heart go show.
  34. Righteousness dey give nation levels, but sin na disgrace to any pipo.
  35. King dey favour servant wey wise, but he dey vex for servant wey dey bring disgrace.


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