Proverbs (Pidgin Bible)

Proverbs 17

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  1. E beta make pesin use peace chop small food wey don dry, dan make pesin dey for house wey dem dey chop belleful—but wit kwanta.
  2. Wise servant go rule son wey dey bring disgrace, con share inside di properties among di brodas.
  3. Na faya dem take dey test as silver or gold pure reach, but na Baba-God dey test pesin heart.
  4. Badbelle pipo dey listen to wicked pipo, and lie-lie pipo like to listen to aproko tongue.
  5. Pipo wey dey yab poor pipo no respect Baba-God wey create am; Baba-God must punish pesin wey dey happy sey kasala don burst.
  6. Pikin-pikin na crown for pesin wey don old, and pikin suppose dey proud of hin papa.
  7. Beta tok no-fit mumu mouth—tokless of prince wey dey tok lie.
  8. Gift na jazz for di eyes of any-pesin wey dey give am; he go succeed anywhere he go.
  9. Any-pesin wey cover pesin mistake dey promote love, but any-pesin wey dey do tatafo—go separate padi.
  10. If you correct pesin wey get-sense, he go happy well-well pass make dem blow mumu hundred times.
  11. Evil man only just wan rebel, so dem go send wicked messenger against am.
  12. E beta make you jam bear wey dem tiff e pikin, dan make you meet mugu as e dey show hinsef.
  13. If pesin use evil take pay back good, evil no go ever komot for hin house.
  14. To start quarrel be like make pesin cos flood, so drop di kwanta before fight start.
  15. Pesin wey dey support evil, and wey condemn innocent pipo—both of dem na tufiakwa to Baba-God.
  16. Why moni dey for mumu pesin hand to buy wisdom, wen he no ready to learn?
  17. Padi dey show love everi time, but dem born your broda to stand for you wen yawa gas.
  18. Pesin wey no-get-sense dey do guarantor for hin neighbour debt.
  19. Pesin wey like sin—love kwanta; pesin wey trust hin high fence—dey invite scata-scata.
  20. Man wey get bend-bend heart no-fit prosper; pesin wey get wayo mouth go enta one-chance.
  21. To get mumu pikin dey bring pain; no joy for di papa of mumu pesin.
  22. Heart wey dey jolly—dey do good like medicine, but spirit wey don taya—dey make bone dry.
  23. Wicked man dey collect egunje for back—con do ojoro.
  24. Man wey get-sense dey always dey look wisdom, but mumu pipo eyes dey shuuk reach di end of di earth.
  25. Mumu pikin dey make dia papa sad, and dey make dia mama feel pain.
  26. E no good make pesin punish innocent pesin, or to punish leader becos he do beta tin.
  27. Man wey know sometin dey hold hin mouth wen he wan tok, and man of understanding get jeje spirit.
  28. Pipo go count mugu as pesin wey get-sense wen he dey quiet, and pipo go tink sey he dey reason beta tin if he close hin lips.


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