Proverbs (Pidgin Bible)

Proverbs 18

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  1. Man wey no dey relate wit pipo—dey do only wetin dey for hin mind; he no dey gree for any beta reasoning.
  2. Mumu no like to understand, but dem only like to tok wetin dey for dia mind.
  3. Wickedness dey bring badbelle, and shame dey bring disgrace.
  4. Di words from man mouth be like water wey deep well-well, and di well of wisdom be like water wey dey flow.
  5. E no good to do partiality for wicked pipo, or make you do ojoro wen you dey judge man wey get clean-heart.
  6. Mumu pesin mouth dey put am for wahala, and hin mouth dey invite beating.
  7. Mumu mouth nahin dey make am fall, and hin lips na trap for hin soul.
  8. Tatafo words be like small food wey dey enta body.
  9. Pesin wey dey slack for hin business na di broda of pesin wey dey scata tins.
  10. Baba-God name na strong tall-house, pipo wey get clean-heart dey run enta inside—and dem go dey safe.
  11. Rich man wealth na hin strong city; and dem dey reason am like high wall.
  12. Before man fall, he dey always feel-big for hin heart, and pesin must humble before dem go give am respect.
  13. Any-pesin wey ansa pesin before e hear wetin di pesin wan tok—na mumu and shame for am.
  14. Man spirit go make am endure wen he no-well, but who fit carry spirit wey don taya?
  15. Di heart of pesin wey get-sense dey gada learning, and wise man ears dey fyne knowledge.
  16. Pesin gift dey open way for am, and e go give am connection to bigmen.
  17. Di first pesin wey judge mata dey be like sey e dey right, until anoda pesin come ask am question.
  18. To throw coin dey settle mata, and e go make strong pipo wey wan fight demsef—dey on dia own lane.
  19. Broda wey dey offended—dey hard to win pass strong city, and quarrel dey separate pipo like wen dem lock di gate of strong-house.
  20. Wetin man dey tok nahin go make am belleful; di right words wey he tok—dey make am get yanfu-yanfu.
  21. Di tongue get power of life and death, and those pipo wey love to tok, go chop di fruit of dia words.
  22. Pesin wey fyne wife don fyne beta tin, and he go receive favour from Baba-God.
  23. Poor man dey beg for mercy, but bigman dey ansa am in a rugged way.
  24. Man wey get plenty padi must sabi rub-mind wit pipo, but e get padi wey dey close pass broda.


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