Proverbs (Pidgin Bible)

Proverbs 2

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Wetin You Go Gain From Wisdom

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  1. My pikin, if you hear wetin I dey tok, con keep wetin I dey tell you—like beta-beta-tin for inside your mind,
  2. so dat you go put your ears for ground for wisdom, con move your heart to understand,
  3. chai, and if you cry to knowledge, and you raise your voice to understand,
  4. if you fyne am like silver, con fyne am well-well like beta-beta-tins wey dem hide,
  5. naso you go take understand how to fear Baba-God, and you go sabi di tins wey Baba-God wan show you.
  6. Na Baba-God dey give wisdom, and na from hin mouth knowledge and understanding dey from come.
  7. He dey keep beta wisdom for pipo wey get clean-heart, and he dey guard pipo wey get clean-heart.
  8. He dey guard di way of justice, and he dey protect di way of hin holy-pipo.
  9. Naso you go take understand wetin dey right, good plus fair—and everi beta way.
  10. Wen wisdom go enta your heart, and your spirit dey sweet you to learn,
  11. common sense go protect you, and understanding go guard you.
  12. Wisdom go save you from wicked men way, and from men wey dia mouth don bend,
  13.  from men wey don komot from beta way—con dey waka inside dark way.
  14.  Dem dey happy to do wrong tins, and dem dey celebrate evil tins wey bad pipo dey do,
  15.  pipo wit kurukere way, and wey dey use korni-korni dey do dia tins.
  16.  E go save you sef from ashawo, plus olosho wey get sweet-mouth,
  17.  from woman wey don run leave her husband wey she marry for young age, con fashi di oath wey she make for Baba-God front.
  18. Her house dey lead to grave, and her way dey lead to death.
  19. No-pesin wey meet her—dey come back, or dey follow di road of life again.
  20. So make you follow di way of goodness, and follow di right way.
  21. Righteous pipo go live for di land, and correct pipo go dey for di land.
  22. But wicked pipo go cut komot from di land, and unfaithful pipo root go cut komot from di land.


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