Proverbs (Pidgin Bible)

Proverbs 20

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  1. Shayo na bastard, and ogogoro dey cos fight, any-pesin wey let dem make am waka       miss-road na mumu.
  2. Wen king para—e be like wen lion dey halla; any-pesin wey make am vex dey play wit hin life.
  3. Na respect for man to stop fight—since any mugu fit start kwanta.
  4. Lazy man no dey hustle for hin farm for di right season; so he go beg for harvest time, and he no go see shi-shi.
  5. Di plan for man heart be like deep water, but man wey get understanding dey fetch am come out.
  6. Most men dey tok beta tins about demsef, but who fit fyne faithful man?
  7. Righteous man dey live clean life; hin pikin na blessings afta am.
  8. King wey sidon for throne to judge dey scata everi evil wit hin eyes.
  9. Who fit tok sey, “I don keep my heart clean; and I dey pure from sin”?
  10. Weight wey no balance, and measurement wey no correct—both of dem be like tufiakwa for Baba-God.
  11. Evensef, dem know small pikin wit how dem dey behave, whether hin behaviour dey pure or right.
  12. Ears wey dey hear and eyes wey dey see—Baba-God nahin do di two of dem.
  13. No love sleep, or you go poor las-las; wake up and you go get food burku.
  14. “E no good, e no good!” Naso customer dey yarn, las-las dem go komot go dey make-mouth wit wetin dem don buy.
  15. Gold and rubies burku, but lips wey dey tok knowledge na beta-tin.
  16. Collect di cloth of pesin wey do guarantor for jjc; collect am as collateral, if he do am for strange woman.
  17. Food wey man collect wit ojoro dey sweet for hin mouth, but las-las he go chop stone.
  18. Plan dey stand wit good advice; na wit beta advice dem take dey fight war.
  19. Tatafo dey cast secret; so no rub-mind wit pesin wey get sweet-mouth.
  20. If pesin curse hin papa or mama, hin lamp go off for inside full darkness.
  21. Inheritance wey pesin first-first rush collect—no go bring blessing las-las.
  22. No tok sey, “I go do you back for di wrong tin wey you do!” Wait for Baba-God and he go save you.
  23. Weight wey no balance na tufiakwa for Baba-God, and ojoro measurement no good.
  24. Na Baba-God dey direct pesin waka. How you con fit understand your own way?
  25. Na trap for pesin to rush make promise to Baba-God, con dey reason di promise later.
  26. Wise king dey separate wicked pipo komot like chaff, and go match dem wit wheel.
  27. Man spirit na Baba-God lamp; e dey torchlight inside di deep path of hin heart.
  28. Mercy plus truth nahin dey keep king safe, and na wit soft-love he take dey keep hin throne.
  29. Na strength be young men levels, and white hair nahin make senior-men fine.
  30. Blow wey dey pain—dey clean evil, as flogging dey clean deep inside pesin heart.


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