Proverbs (Pidgin Bible)

Proverbs 22

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  1. Good name beta pass plenty moni, and favour beta pass silver plus gold.
  2. Rich and poor pipo get one tin wey make dem resemble: Na Baba-God create all of dem.
  3. Man wey get-sense go see danger, and he go hide hin head, but swegbe go shuuk head and las-las he go suffer.
  4. To live jeje life, and to fear Baba-God—nahin dey bring wealth, respect, plus long life.
  5. Shuku-shuku and trap nahin full wicked man way, but pesin wey dey guard hin soul—no go jam all those kain tins.
  6. Train your pikin di way wey e suppose follow, and wen e don big—e no go fashi dat way.
  7. Bigman dey rule poor pipo, and pesin wey dey borrow na servant of di pesin wey e dey borrow from.
  8. Pesin wey plant evil go harvest evil, and di power of hin vex go scata.
  9. Pipo wey love to give—go get blessings, becos dem dey share dia food wit poor pipo.
  10. Pursue mugu komot, so dat quarrel go stop. Eehn…kwanta and insult go end.
  11. Pesin wey love pure heart and wey get beta words—go be king padi.
  12. Baba-God eyes dey watch over knowledge, but he dey scata unfaithful pipo yarnings.
  13. Lazy man go tok sey, “Lion dey for outside,” or, “Dem go kill me for street!”
  14. Ashawo mouth na deep hole; pesin wey Baba-God dey vex for—go fall for her words.
  15. Yeye full small pikin heart, but na koboko of correction dey pursue di yeye tins komot.
  16. Pesin wey dey oppress poor pipo to make moni, and pesin wey dey give rich pipo—both of dem go poor.
  17. Turn your ears make you hear wetin wise pesin dey tok; reason wetin I dey teach you wit your heart,
  18. e make-sense if you keep dem for your heart, and make you sabi dem for your lips.
  19. So dat your trust go dey wit Baba-God. I don teach you today—even yousef.
  20. Abi I neva write beta words for you—wit advice plus knowledge,
  21. so dat I go make you sabi di sure words of truth—make you fit ansa pesin wey send you—wit truth?
  22. No do ojoro for poor pipo, becos dem poor, no oppress poor pipo for court.
  23. Baba-God go carry dia mata for hin head, and he go obtain di soul of di pipo wey obtain dem.
  24. No do padi wit pesin wey sabi vex well-well, no follow pesin wey sabi para,
  25. or you go soon learn hin ways, con put your soul inside trap.
  26. No join those pipo wey dey shake hand to confam agreement as guarantor for anoda pesin debt.
  27. If you no-fit pay, dem go collect even your bed wey you dey use sleep.
  28. No shift olden days stone wey your papa-papa-papa don set as boundary.
  29. Abi you neva see man wey sabi hin work? Na kings he dey serve, no be gbanjo men.


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