Proverbs (Pidgin Bible)

Proverbs 24

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  1. No envy wicked men, no wish to stay wit dem.
  2. Dem dey plan to shed blood for dia heart, and dia lips dey tok as dem wan take cos wahala.
  3. Na wit wisdom pipo take dey build house, and na wit understanding—house take dey stand gidigbam.
  4. Wit knowledge, di rooms go full wit everi fine-fine-tins, plus good tins.
  5. Wise man strong kakaraka, wey like to learn go get more-more power.
  6. You need guidance to plan for war, and plenty advisers dey bring safety.
  7. Mumu head no-fit carry wisdom; he no get anytin to tok for meeting.
  8. Dem go know pesin wey dey plan evil as badbelle pesin.
  9. Yeye tinking na sin, and pesin wey no-get-sense na tufiakwa for men.
  10. If you fall on di day wen kasala burst, your power neva reach be dat!
  11. Save pesin wey dey waka go kpeme; hold pesin wey dey stagger dey go where dem go kill am.
  12. If you tok sey, “But we no know anytin about am.” Abi you tink sey Baba-God wey dey judge pesin heart no dey reason?”

Abi Baba-God wey dey guard your soul—no know wetin sup? Abi he no go pay everi-pesin based-on wetin dem don do?

  1. Chop honey, my pikin, becos honey good, honey wey sweet for your mouth.
  2. Naso wisdom sef sweet for di soul if you sabi am; if you fyne wisdom, you don get bright future, and your hope no go cut komot.
  3. Oh wicked man, make you no attack righteous man house, no rob hin house.
  4. Righteous man fit fall seven times, he go rise up again, but kasala dey bring wicked pipo down.
  5. No dey laff wen your enemy fall; no dey happy wen your enemy stagger,
  6. or Baba-God go see am, and he no go happy—con turn hin vex komot from am.
  7. No let evil men dey make your heart cut, or jealous wicked pipo.
  8. Evil man no get bright future, and wicked pesin lamp go off.
  9.  My son, fear Baba-God and di king, and no join pipo wey dey tok about change, and wey wan rebel.
  10. Dia palava go start sharply, and who know di kain punishment wey both di king and Baba-God fit carry come?
  11. Dis one sef na wise words; e no good make pesin dey use partiality judge mata.
  12. Any-pesin wey tell wicked pesin sey, “You be good pesin,” pipo go curse am and nations go hate am.
  13. But e go beta for pipo wey condemn wicked pipo, and dem go get beta blessings.
  14. Correct ansa be like kiss for lips.
  15. Arrange your business for outside, arrange your land, afta dat build your house.
  16. No bad-mouth your neighbour for any reason, abi you go use your lips do wayo?
  17. No tok sey, “I go do am back wetin he do to me; I go pay dat man back for wetin he do me.”
  18. I waka pass lazy man farm, I waka pass di grape-farm of pesin wey no-get-sense.
  19. Shuku-shuku full everi-where, grass don grow full all di ground, and di fence don kpafuka.
  20. Wen I see am, I reason wetin I observe—con learn lesson from wetin I see.
  21. Small sleep, small rest, and make pesin fold hin hand relax small—
  22. and before you know, poverty go show like tiff, and your bills go meet you like armed robber.


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