Proverbs (Pidgin Bible)

Proverbs 26

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  1. Like snow for hot season, or rain for harvest, naso respect no-fit mugu.
  2. Like birds wey dey fly komot, naso curse wey no be for pesin—no go fit fall on am.
  3. Flogging na for horse, rope na for donkey, and koboko for mumu back!
  4. No ansa mumu based-on hin level, or yousef go be mumu like am.
  5. Ansa mumu in a mumu way, or he go tink sey he wise.
  6. To send dondi message be like sey, make pesin cut hin leg komot, and drink fight-fight.
  7. Proverb for swegbe mouth, be like useless leg wey paralyze.
  8. To give mugu respect—be like make pesin tie stone for catapult.
  9. Like shuku-shuku for drunkard hand, naso proverb be for mumu mouth.
  10. Di ogbonge God wey create everitin dey give mumu pipo dia reward, and he dey pay evil pipo dia salary.
  11. As dog take dey go back to chop e vomit, naso mumu pipo take dey repeat dia yeye way.
  12. Abi you neva see man wey tink sey he wise for hin own eyes? Swegbe get hope pass am.
  13. Lazy man go tok sey, “Lion dey for road, lion wey dey para dey patrol for street!”
  14. As door take dey open wit e hinges, naso lazy man take dey go sleep for bed.
  15. Lazy man go put hin hand for plate, but hin hand dey heavy am to carry put for hin mouth.
  16. For lazy man eyes, he wise pass seven men wey dey reason well.
  17. Pesin wey dey waka pass, wey con shuuk-mouth for mata wey no concern am, be like mumu pesin wey go drag dog for e ear.
  18. Like craseman wey dey shoot arrow of faya, sharp arrow, plus death,
  19. naso pesin wey dey scam hin neighbour be—he go con tok sey, “Na play I dey follow you play!”
  20. Faya go quench if faya-wood no dey; quarrel go end if aproko no dey.
  21. As charcoal be to coal wey dey burn, and as wood be to faya, naso man wey like kwanta dey put faya for quarrel.
  22. Aproko words be like small sweet food wey dey enta body.
  23. Like polish wey dey cover clay pot, naso sweet-mouth wey dey hide bad-mind be.
  24. Evil pesin dey pretend wit hin words—but na mago-mago full hin heart.
  25. Even though he tok wit kindness, no believe dem. Na seven tufiakwa dey for hin heart.
  26. Even though he cover hin badbelle wit wayo, but hin wickedness go cast for where pipo gada.
  27. Man wey dig pit—go fall inside di pit, and pesin wey roll stone, di stone go roll back on am.
  28. Pesin wey dey tok lie, hate di pesin wey he dey lie on top hin head, and mouth wey dey hail pesin dey spoil tins.


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