Proverbs (Pidgin Bible)

Proverbs 27

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  1. No dey make-mouth about tomorrow, becos you no know wetin di day go carry come.
  2. Make anoda pesin praise you—no dey praise yourself; make e be pesin wey no know you, no be from your own lips.
  3. Stone heavy and sand get weight, but wen mugu para—e dey heavy pass di two of dem.
  4. Vex no good, and to para be like wave, but who fit stand jealousy?
  5. E beta make pesin correct you for where everi-pesin dey, dan make pesin show you love for secret.
  6. E beta make your correct padi wound you, but kiss from your enemy na wayo.
  7. Pesin wey don belleful go hate honey, but even sometin wey bitter—dey sweet for hungry pesin mouth.
  8. Like bird wey don fly komot from e bird-house, nahin be man wey run komot from house.
  9. Ororo and perfume dey make heart jolly, naso beta advice of correct padi dey make heart jolly.
  10. No fashi your padi and your papa padi, and no dey go your broda house only wen yawa gas—neighbour wey dey near beta pass broda wey dey far-far.
  11. Wise up my pikin, and make my heart happy; so dat I go fit ansa pesin wey dey yab me.
  12. Man wey get-sense go see danger, and he go hide hin head, but mumu go still dey carry-go and he go suffer am.
  13. Collect collateral from pesin wey go do guarantor for jjc; hold hin property if he do am for strange woman.
  14. If man dey raise hin voice anyhow—dey bless hin neighbour for early mor-mor, pipo fit go reason am as curse.
  15. Woman wey like quarrel—be like rain wey dey fall small-small—wey no wan gree stop.
  16. To control her be like sey you wan catch breeze, or e be like sey you wan hold ororo wit your hand.
  17. As iron take dey sharp iron, naso man take dey sharp anoda man mind.
  18. Any-pesin wey take care of tree—go chop from e fruit, and any-pesin wey serve hin oga go get hin reward.
  19. As water take dey show pesin face like mirror, naso man heart take dey show as di man really be.
  20. Death and grave no dey belleful, naso man eyes sef no dey belleful.
  21. Na heat dem take dey shine silver plus gold, but na wetin oda pipo dey tok about pesin nahin dey give am levels.
  22. Even if you grind mugu for mortar wit pestle—like seed, hin yeye ways no go still komot from am.
  23. Make sure sey you dey take care of your animals, look your animals well-well;
  24. becos moni no dey last forever, and crown no dey last for all generations.
  25. Wen dem don cut di grass, and new ones don dey grow, and dem harvest all di herbs from di hills,
  26. di sheep go provide una wit cloth, una go use di moni from una goats—take buy land.
  27. You go get enuff milk to feed you and your family, and your house-girls.


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