Proverbs (Pidgin Bible)

Proverbs 28

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  1. Badbelle pipo dey run wen no-pesin dey pursue dem, but righteous pipo get-mind like lion.
  2. Kontri wey dey commit sin dey get plenty rulers; but man wey get knowledge and understanding go maintain di right tins.
  3. Poor man wey dey oppress poor man be like heavy rain wey dey scata farm.
  4. Those pipo wey dey fashi di law dey cut-cap for wicked pipo, but pipo wey dey keep di law dey change am for wicked pipo.
  5. Evil men no understand justice, but those pipo wey dey follow Baba-God understand everi-everi.
  6. Poor man wit clean-hand—beta pass bigman wey no get clean-hand.
  7. Any-pesin wey dey keep di law—na pikin wey get-sense, but di padi of pipo wey get longatrot—dey disgrace dia papa.
  8. Pesin wey dey charge high interest, and wey dey obtain pipo—just dey gada hin moni for anoda pesin wey go show love to poor pipo.
  9. Any-pesin wey fashi di law, even hin prayers na tufiakwa.
  10. Pesin wey carry beta pesin miss-road—con follow bad way—hinsef go fall inside hin own pit, but pesin wey get clean-heart—go get beta reward.
  11. Bigman fit tink sey he wise for hin own eyes, but poor man wey get understanding dey see all hin way.
  12. Wen righteous man win, pipo go happy well-well, but wen wicked man rise, pipo dey jakpa.
  13. Any-pesin wey dey cover hin mistake no go grow, but any-pesin wey accept hin mistake, con tok sey he no go do dem again—go receive mercy.
  14. Blessed na di man wey dey always fear Baba-God, but pesin wey get strong heart—go fall enta kasala.
  15. Like lion wey dey shout, or bear wey dey para, naso wicked ruler be to poor pipo.
  16. Mumu leader dey oppress hin pipo well-well, but pesin wey hate longatrot go live long.
  17. Man wey hin spirit dey disturb am becos he shed blood—go run enta pit; and make no-pesin epp am.
  18. Pesin wey get clean-heart—go dey safe, but pesin wey hin way no straight—go fall before you know.
  19. Pesin wey hustle for hin land—go get plenty food, but pesin wey dey use hin life play—go poor well-well.
  20. Faithful man go get blessings burku, but pesin wey hin eyes dey shuuk to make moni sharp-sharp—no go escape punishment.
  21. E no good make pesin dey do partiality—but men dey do wrong tin becos of chikini bread.
  22. Man wey hin eyes dey shuuk wan make sharp-sharp moni, he no dey reason sey na poverty dey wait for am.
  23. Pesin wey correct pesin go get more favour las-las —pass pesin wey just dey hail pesin wit sweet-mouth.
  24. Any-pesin wey rob hin mama or papa con tok sey, “No be wrong tin”—be like di padi of pesin wey dey scata tins.
  25. Man wey dey feel-big for hin heart—dey cos quarrel, but any-pesin wey trust Baba-God go prosper.
  26. Any-pesin wey trust hin own heart na mumu, but pesin wey dey waka wit common sense—go dey safe.
  27. Any-pesin wey dey give poor pipo go always get enuff, but any-pesin wey dey throway-face from poor pipo—go receive plenty curse.

Pipo dey run go hide wen wicked pesin get power, but righteous pipo go shine wen wicked man kpeme


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