Proverbs (Pidgin Bible)

Proverbs 30

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  1. Dis na di words of Agur, son of Jakeh,—even hin words. Dis man follow Ithiel tok—even to ithiel plus Ucal sey: “Chai, Baba-God, I don taya, and I no get power again.
  2. “Na me surely no-get-sense pass among men; I no get common sense wey men get.
  3. I no learn how to use my common sense, and I no know anytin about Baba-God.
  4. Who don go heaven con come back? Who fit catch breeze for hin hand?
  5. Or dem go high—com fashi di law, and bend di justice of pipo wey dey suffer.
  6. Give ogogoro to pipo wey dey kpeme, and give wine to pipo wey dey feel pain.
  7. Make he drink, con forget hin poverty, and fashi dat tin wey dey worry hin mind.
  8. “Tok for those pipo wey no get mouth to tok, tok about di rights of those pipo wey dey face death.
  9. Open your mouth to give righteous judgement, fight for poor pipo, plus pipo wey need epp.” Woman Wey Dey Behave Well
  10. Who fit fyne wife wey get beta character? She get value pass rubies.
  11. Her husband believe her well-well, and she dey give am everi beta tin wey he want.
  12. All di days of her life, she dey show am good tins, no be tins wey go wound am.
  13. She dey select wool and flax, and she dey enjoy her handwork.
  14. She be like ship for water—wey dey bring market from far-far.
  15. She dey wake up for night to arrange food for her family, and her house-girls.
  16. She see land wey she like, she pay for am—from her moni wey she don make—she start her grape-farm.
  17. She strong kakaraka, and she dey hustle well-well wit her hand.
  18. She know sey her business dey move, and her lamp no dey off for night.
  19. She dey use her hand make her cloth, and she dey weave her own cloth.
  20. She sabi give poor pipo tins, and she dey give pipo wey need epp.
  21. Wen cold dey, she no dey fear for her family, becos all of dem get sweater.
  22. She dey make her own bed sheet; she dey wear fine linen cloth and purple gown.
  23. Dem dey respect her husband for di gate of di city, wen he dey sidon wit di senior-men of di land.
  24. She dey make linen dress wey she dey sell, and she dey supply girdle for market-pipo.
  25. She wear power and respect for body, and she go happy for future.
  26. She dey tok wit wisdom, and beta words nahin dey for her mouth.
  27. She dey take care of all her family mata, and she no dey chop di bread of laziness.
  28. Her pikin go stand up con tok sey she be blessing, and her husband sef go cut-cap for her:
  29. “Plenty women dey do well, but your level pass all of dem.”
  30. Fine-fine-tins fit deceive pesin, and beauty dey fade, but make dem cut-cap for woman wey dey fear Baba-God.
  31. Give her di reward wey she suppose get, and her hustle go make pipo cut-cap for her for publik.


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