Proverbs (Pidgin Bible)

Proverbs 5

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Warning Make You No Climb Pesin Husband Or Wife

  1. My son, put ear for ground—hear my wisdom, listen well-well to my understanding,
  2. so dat you go fit keep common sense, and your lips go tok knowledge.
  3. Honey dey drop from ashawo lips, and her words smooth pass ororo.
  4. But las-las, she bitter well-well like poison, and she sharp like sword wey get two sides.
  5. Her leg dey waka go kpeme, her road dey go straight to grave.
  6. So dat you no go reason her life, her way no straight, sote you no-fit understand dem.
  7. Now my pikin, make you hear me now; no fashi wetin I dey tok.
  8. Waka far from where she dey! No go near di doormot of her house,
  9. or you go give your star to oda pipo, con waste your life wit badbelle pipo,
  10. or jjc go chop your moni plus your properties, and your hustle go go foreigner house.
  11. Las-las, you go dey cry, wen your skin and your body don dry.
  12. You go tok sey, “See as I bin hate to learn sometin! And my heart fashi correction.
  13. I no gree obey my teachers, and listen to di pipo wey dey teach me.
  14. My life don almost scata finish—for front of everi-pesin.
  15. Drink water from your own tank, and water wey dey flow from your own well.
  16. Abi your water dey scata for everi-where, and di stream of your water dey flow for street?
  17. Keep am only for yourself, and no share am wit jjc.
  18. Make your water dey blessed. And happy wit di woman wey you marry for young age.
  19. As fine deer and beautiful like doe—make her breast always belleful you, and make her love always blow your mind.
  20. My pikin why you wan allow ashawo tiff your heart? Why you dey gum-body wit olosho?
  21. Baba-God dey watch all man ways, and he dey reason all hin ways.
  22. Di bad tins wey badbelle pipo dey do nahin dey catch dem, and hin sins go hollam like rope.
  23. He go kpeme becos he no dey hear word, hin ogbonge kolomentality nahin go make am miss-road.


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