Proverbs (Pidgin Bible)

Proverbs 7

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Warning Make You No Follow Ashawo

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  1. My son, keep my words and put di beta-beta-tins wey I tell you for your heart.
  2. Do wetin I tell you and you go live; keep wetin I teach you like di apple of your eye.
  3. Tie dem join your fingers; write dem inside di book of your heart.
  4. Tell wisdom sey, “You be my sista,” con call understanding your broda.
  5. So dat dem go keep you from ashawo, and from olosho—wit her sweet-mouth.
  6. From di window of my house nahin I look, from my curtain,
  7. I look among di ordinary pipo, I notice among di youths—one young man wey no get-sense.
  8. He dey waka for street near her sharp-corner, and he dey waka go di road of her house,
  9. for evening, as di day dey fade, as night start to dey dark.
  10. Naso one woman just come meet am, she baffup like ashawo wey carry bad tin for mind.
  11.  She too razz, she be gbagbati, and her leg no dey gree stay for house.
  12.  Now-now-now she dey for street, before you know she don waka go village square, she dey perch for everi sharp-corner.
  13. She hollam con dey kiss am, she bone-face con look am straight, con tell am sey,
  14. “I get peace offerings wit me; today I don pay my vows.
  15. So I come out to meet you; I fyne you taya and now I don see you!
  16. I don use fine cloth take arrange my bed—fine Egyptian linen wit colours.
  17. I don pour perfume for my bed wit myrrh, aloes and cinnamon.
  18. Come make we jogodo well-well wit love till early mor-mor, make we flex wit love!
  19. My husband no dey house; he don travel go far-far.
  20. He carry bag of moni, and he no go come house until di time wey he tok.”
  21. Wit sweet-mouth naso she take confuse am, she use her sweet-mouth hollam for work.
  22. He follow her sharp-sharp like nama wey dem wan go kill, like animal wey dey waka enta trap,
  23. until arrow go shuuk hin liver. He be like bird wey dey rush enta trap—he no just know sey di tin go kill am.
  24. So make you listen to me now, my pikin, hear wetin I dey tell you.
  25. No let your heart turn go her road, or waka miss-road enta her way.
  26. She don fall many men hand; and all di pipo wey she don kill na strong men.
  27. Her house na express road to grave, wey dey go down to di house of death.


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