Proverbs (Pidgin Bible)

Proverbs 8

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Wisdom Dey Call

  1. Abi wisdom no dey halla? Abi understanding no dey raise her voice?
  2. She dey stand on top of di highest place, for corner of road, and for junction.
  3. For corner of di gate of di city, for doormot, na for there she dey halla.
  4. “I dey call una, nnaa men, I dey halla all of una; I dey raise my voice to everi human being,
  5. You, ‘ordinary pipo,’ understand wisdom: and you wey be swegbe, try to get heart wey sabi understand.
  6. Listen, I get beta tins to tok; I dey open my lips dey tok wetin dey right.
  7. My mouth dey tok di truth, and wickedness na tufiakwa for my lips.
  8. All di words wey dey komot from my mouth na wit righteousness, no one of my words be korni-korni or bend-bend tok.
  9. All my words dey clear to pipo wey understand, pipo wey sabi know sey my words na correct.
  10. Choose wetin I dey teach you instead of silver, choose knowledge instead of gold.
  11. Wisdom beta pass rubies, and notin you wish for dis life—wey you fit use compare wisdom.
  12. “Me, wisdom, dey always dey wit akonuche, na me get knowledge and common sense.
  13. To fear Baba-God—na to hate evil tin; I hate make pesin dey make-mouth, make pesin dey carry shoulder up, evil behaviour, plus mouth wey dey miss-yarn.
  14. Na me get good advice, and beta wisdom. Na me be understanding, and I get power.
  15. Na tru me—kings take dey reign, and rulers take dey make beta laws wit justice.
  16. Na me princes dey use rule, plus leaders, even all di judges of di earth.
  17. I love those pipo wey love me, and those pipo wey dey fyne me seriously—go see me.
  18. Riches plus respect dey wit me, plus wealth wey dey last, and righteousness.
  19. Di tins wey you go gain from me beta pass gold; eehn….e beta pass pure gold, wetin you go gain from me—beta pass silver.
  20. I dey waka for righteous way, for di road of justice,
  21. I dey give pipo wey love me riches, con make dia bank brekete wit beta-beta-tins.
  22. Baba-God create me first of all, before he even create anytin.
  23. I don stand gidigbam from everlasting, from di starting, before di world start.
  24. Wen ocean neva dey, na dat time dem born me, wen spring wey dey bubble wit plenty water neva dey;
  25. before di mountain settle for e place, before di hills dey, na dat time Baba-God born me.
  26. Before he make di earth or di fields, or any of di first dust of di world.
  27. I dey for there wen he put di heaven for e place, wen he draw di line wey di sky take meet di ocean.
  28. I dey for there wen he stand di cloud for up-up, con give di water power to flow from di ocean.
  29. I dey for there wen he give di seas e boundary, so dat di water no go cross e lane, I dey for there wen e mark di foundations of di earth.
  30. Na me be di talented artist wey dey for hin side. My body dey sweet me everi day—as I dey happy everi time for hin front.
  31. I dey happy for everitin wey Baba-God create, and I dey happy for everi human being.
  32. “Now, my pikin, listen to me; pipo wey dey follow my way dey blessed.
  33. Listen to wetin I dey teach you, and get-sense; make you no fashi am.
  34. Blessed na di man wey dey listen to me, wey dey watch for my door everi day, and wey dey wait for my doormot.
  35. Any-pesin wey see me don see life, and he go receive favour from Baba-God.
  36. But any-pesin wey no fyne me dey wound hinsef, and everi-pesin wey hate me love death.”


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