Proverbs (Pidgin Bible)

Proverbs 9

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 Wisdom And Mumu

  1. Wisdom don build her house, she don form seven pillars.
  2. She don prepare her food, con mix her drink; she don set her table sef.
  3. She don send her house-girls go out. She dey halla from di place wey high pass for di city,
  4. “Make pipo wey no know anytin—come here!” As for di man wey no get understanding, she dey follow am tok!
  5. “Bia, chop my food, and drink di wine wey I mix.
  6. Fashi mumu level—make you live; follow di way of understanding.
  7. “Any-pesin wey correct mugu go receive insult; any-pesin wey correct wicked man—dey wound hinsef.
  8. No correct mugu—or he go hate you; correct wise man and he go love you.
  9. Tell wise man sometin wey make-sense and he go wise more-more; teach righteous man and he go add-join wetin he don already know.
  10. “Wisdom start wen you begin to fear Baba-God, and to sabi di Holy One na understanding.
  11. Na wit me you go fit live long, and many years go add-join to your life.
  12. If you wise, your wisdom go reward you; if you be swegbe na only you go use your head carry am.
  13. Woman wey be mumu dey make noise. She no get-sense and she be olodo.
  14. She dey sidon for di doormot of her house, she go sidon for place wey high pass for di city.
  15.  She dey call pipo wey dey waka pass, wey dey mind dia own business,
  16. “Make any-pesin wey no-get-sense—turn face here”; and she dey follow pipo wey no get understanding dey tok,
  17. “Water wey dem tiff dey sweet; food wey dem hide chop dey enta body!”
  18. But he no know sey na dead-body dey for there, and her visitor dey go inside grave.


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