Proverbs (Pidgin Bible)

Proverbs 11

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  1. Ojoro measurement na tufiakwa for Baba-God, but correct measurement dey make belle sweet am.
  2. Wen pesin start to dey feel big, na disgrace go meet am, but jeje way dey make pesin wise.
  3. Di clean-heart of righteous pipo dey guide dem, but di wuru-wuru of unfaithful pipo dey dabaru dem.
  4. Moni useless for di way wey Baba-God dey vex, but na righteousness dey save pesin from death.
  5. Di righteousness of pesin wey get clean-hand, dey make dia way straight for dem, but badbelle pipo dey fall becos of dia wickedness.
  6. Di good tins wey beta pipo dey do—nahin dey save dem, but evil pipo dey fall for di trap of di evil tins wey dia body dey scratch dem to do.
  7. Wen wicked pesin die, hin hope don kpeme, and di hope of badbelle don finish.
  8. Righteous man go save from palava, but badbelle pipo go use dia head carry di palava.
  9. Fake-pesin dey use hin mouth take spoil hin neighbour, but righteous man go use wetin he know take escape from evil.
  10. Wen e beta for righteous man, di city go dey happy; wen badbelle pesin kpeme, everi-pesin go dey jolly.
  11. Na di blessings of righteous pesin nahin dey give city levels, but wicked pipo mouth—nahin dey bring city down.
  12. Pesin wey no get-sense dey yab hin neighbour, but man wey get understanding go keep quiet.
  13. Tatafo dey betray trust, but man wey get faithful spirit dey keep secret.
  14. Nation dey fall becos no good leader to guide dem, but di pipo go dey safe wit plenty advisers.
  15. Pesin wey do guarantor for stranger go pay for am, but pesin wey no do guarantor go avoid wahala.
  16. Pipo go respect woman wey get kind heart, but badmen go gain only moni.
  17. Man wey kind dey do tins wey he go gain from, but badbelle pipo dey carry wahala put for dia own head.
  18. Wicked man dey do wayo, but any-pesin wey plant righteousness go get hin reward wey sure.
  19. Righteous man go gain life, but pesin wey dey follow evil—dey fyne hin own grave.
  20. Pipo wey get bend-bend heart na tufiakwa for Baba-God, but he love those pipo wey no get error for dia way.
  21. Even though dem join dia power togeda, wicked pipo must receive dia reward. But di future of righteous pesin dey secured.
  22. Fine girl wey no get-sense be like gold ring for pig nose.
  23. Righteous man wish dey always end up wit be good tins, but wicked man hope dey end wit vex.
  24. One man dey give from hin heart and he dey get more-more; but anoda man na alaroro, and naso he con poor las-las.
  25. Man wey dey give wit open-heart go prosper; pesin wey water pipo—dem go water am sef.
  26. Pipo go curse man wey dey hide food, but blessings dey on di head of di man wey like to sell.
  27. Pesin wey serious dey fyne beta tins go see alubarika, but yawa dey come meet pipo wey dey fyne evil.
  28. Any-pesin wey trust hin moni go fall, but righteous pipo go grow like green leaves.
  29. Pesin wey carry wahala put for hin family—go inherit breeze, and mugu go be wise man servant.
  30. Di fruit of righteous pipo na tree of life, and any-pesin wey win soul—get-sense.
  31. If righteous pipo dey reap wetin dem sow for earth, wetin go con happun to di pipo wey don fashi Baba-God, plus sinners!

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