Proverbs (Pidgin Bible)

Proverbs 12

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  1. Any-pesin wey love teaching—love to learn, but any-pesin wey hate correction na dondi.
  2. Good man go get favour from Baba-God, but Baba-God dey condemn korni-korni man.
  3. Man no-fit make am wit evil way, but righteous man root no go ever komot for ground.
  4. Wife wey get beta character na crown for her husband, but woman wey dey bring disgrace—be like bone wey don spoil.
  5. Righteous man tinking na correct tinking, but wicked man advice na wayo.
  6. Evil man words na to shed blood, but righteous man words dey save dem.
  7. Dem go overthrow wicked men, and dem no go ever dey again, but righteous man family go stand gidigbam.
  8. Dem go cut-cap for man based-on hin wisdom, but pipo hate men wit bend-bend mind.
  9. E beta make you dey low-key and make you get servant, dan make you dey pretend to be somebody—but you no get food.
  10. Righteous man dey care for wetin hin animal need, but di beta tin wey wicked man fit do—na wickedness.
  11. Pesin wey hustle for hin land go get food burku, but any-pesin wey dey use hin take life play—no get-sense.
  12. Wicked men wan obtain wetin evil men obtain, but righteous pipo root go prosper.
  13. Badbelle pesin miss-yarn dey put am for wahala, but righteous man dey escape from palava.
  14. Di wise words from man lips—nahin dey make am belleful wit beta tins, and di handwork of man go pay am.
  15. Mugu dey always feel sey hin way dey right, but wise men dey hear advice.
  16. Mugu dey quick vex, but man wey get-sense go use-style cover shame—even if dem insult am.
  17. Pesin wey get clean-heart dey tok true, but fake witness dey tok lie.
  18. Miss-yarn dey shuuk like knife, but wise man tongue dey heal.
  19. Truth dey last forever, but tongue wey dey lie—no dey last.
  20. Wayo nahin brekete for di mind of pipo wey dey plan evil tins, but happiness dey for pipo wey dey promote peace.
  21. No yawa go meet pipo wey get clean-heart, but yawa nahin burku for badbelle pipo.
  22. Mouth wey dey tok lie na tufiakwa for Baba-God, but he like men wey dey tok true.
  23. Wise man dey keep wetin he know, but mumu heart dey show dia kolomentality.
  24. Hand wey dey hustle go rule, but pipo wey lazy—go las-las do slave labour.
  25. Worry-worry dey bring man down, but beta words go make am happy.
  26. Righteous man suppose use jeje choose hin padi, becos badbelle pipo way—dey make dem waka miss-road.
  27. Lazy man no get time to roast hin bush-meat wey he catch, but di life of serious man na business.
  28. Life dey for di righteous way; for dat road wey dey lead to everlasting life.


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