Proverbs (Pidgin Bible)

Proverbs 13

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  1. Pikin wey get-sense dey hear wetin hin papa dey teach am, but mugu no dey listen wen dem dey correct am.
  2. Na wetin man dey tok from hin lips nahin dey make am chop-life, but wicked pipo soul dey drink blood.
  3. Any-pesin wey dey guard hin lips dey guard hin life, but any-pesin wey dey open hin mouth to tok anyhow go kpeme.
  4. So lazy pesin no-fit get wetin hin soul want, but pesin wey dey hustle wella—go get-moni.
  5. Righteous man hate lie-lie, but yeye dey smell follow badbelle pipo, and na disgrace dey wait for am.
  6. Na righteousness dey guard di man wey get beta character, but wickedness dey overthrow sinners.
  7. One man dey form sey he get moni, but he no get shi-shi; anoda man dey form sey he poor, but he get moni well-well.
  8. Rich man moni fit save hin life, but poor man no dey hear if dem threaten am.
  9. Righteous man light dey shine well-well, but wicked man lamp go blow komot.
  10. To feel-big only dey bring quarrel, but wisdom dey wit pipo wey dey hear advice well-well.
  11. Mago-mago moni go fly komot, but any-pesin wey dey gada moni from hin hustle—dey make moni grow.
  12. Hope wey fail—be like heart attack, but wen pesin get wetin he wish for—e be like tree of life. 
  13. Pesin wey fashi di word—go kpeme, but any-pesin wey respect wetin dem teach am—go succeed.
  14. Wise man teaching na water of life—wey dey turn pesin komot from death trap.
  15. Beta understanding dey win favour, but unfaithful pipo way na suffer-head.
  16. Everi wise man dey do tins based-on wetin dem know, but swegbe dey always show sey e be ode.
  17. Wicked messenger dey enta wahala, but messenger wey dem trust dey bring healing.
  18. Poverty and shame go catch pesin wey fashi correction. But any-pesin wey hear correction go get levels.
  19. Di soul dey happy wen he get wetin he wish for, but mumu pipo dey forbid to change from evil.
  20. Pesin wey follow wise man waka—go wise, but kasala go burst for mumu pipo and dia padi.
  21. Evil dey pursue sinners, but prosperity na di reward of pesin wey get clean-heart.
  22. Good man dey leave properties for hin pikin-pikin, but sinners dey gada moni for righteous pipo.
  23. Poor man farm fit produce plenty food, but e go turn to waste becos justice no dey.
  24. Pesin wey no dey punish hin pikin no like di pikin, but pesin wey love hin pikin dey correct am sharp-sharp.
  25. Righteous man dey chop sote dia heart go belleful, but badbelle pipo belle go empty.


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