Proverbs (Pidgin Bible)

Proverbs 15

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Soft Ansa

  1. Simple ansa go make pesin wey dey vex—cool down, but harsh words dey make pesin para.
  2. Wise man tongue sabi use wetin he know well-well, but na yama-yama nahin dey pour komot for mumu pesin mouth.
  3. Baba-God eyes dey look everi-where, he dey watch both good, plus bad pipo.
  4. Soft word na tree of life, but wayo mouth dey spoil pesin spirit.
  5. Mumu pipo dey fashi wetin dia papa teach dem, but any-pesin wey hear correction get-sense.
  6. Righteous man house brekete wit beta-beta-tins, but wicked pipo salary dey bring wahala for dem.
  7. Wise man lips dey spread knowledge; but mumu pesin heart no-fit spread any beta tin.
  8. Di sacrifice of wicked na tufiakwa for Baba-God, but righteous man prayer dey make belle sweet am.
  9. Wicked man way na tufiakwa for Baba-God, but he love those pipo wey dey follow righteousness.
  10. Serious punishment dey wait for any-pesin wey waka komot from beta way, and pesin wey hate correction go kpeme.
  11. Death and scata-scata dey for Baba-God front—tokless of men heart!
  12. Mumu pesin hate make pesin dey correct am; he no go gree go meet wise man to learn.
  13. Heart wey dey happy dey make face shine, but heart wey dey feel sad dey weak spirit.
  14. Di heart of man wey get understanding—dey fyne knowledge, but yeye nahin mugu dey chop.
  15. All di days of oppressed man life na evil, but heart wey dey happy dey always flex.
  16. E beta make you get small tin con dey respect Baba-God, dan make you get plenty wealth—wit plenty suffer-head.
  17. E beta make you dey chop vegetables for where love dey, dan make you dey chop fat nama for where hate dey.
  18. Pesin wey like to vex dey cause fight, but jeje man dey make kwanta cool down.
  19. Na shuku-shuku full lazy man way, but righteous man way na express way.
  20. Wise pikin dey make hin papa happy, but mumu man dey fashi hin mama.
  21. Yeye dey make ode happy, but man wey get understanding dey go hin own straight way.
  22. Plan dey fail becos beta advice no dey, but pesin go succeed wit many advisers.
  23. Man dey happy wen he ansa pesin well—and word wey pesin tok for di right time dey make-sense well!
  24. Di way of life na up-up for wise man—to save am from di grave.
  25. Baba-God go scata di house of pipo wey dey feel-big, but he go keep di widow land.
  26. Di tinking of wicked man na tufiakwa for Baba-God, but pure words dey sweet.
  27. Man wey get ojukokoro dey carry wahala go meet hin family, but pesin wey hate egunje go live.
  28. Righteous man heart dey reason wetin he go ansa pesin, but wicked man heart dey pour evil come out.
  29. Baba-God dey far from evil pipo, but he dey hear righteous pesin prayer.
  30. Pesin wey look happy dey give heart joy, and good news dey give good health to di bones.
  31. Pesin wey dey listen to di correction of life—go dey among wise pipo.
  32. Pesin wey hate teaching—hate hin own soul, but any-pesin wey listen to correction go gain understanding.
  33. Di fear of Baba-God na di teaching of wisdom, and pesin must humble before e get promotion.


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