Proverbs (Pidgin Bible)

Proverbs 16

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  1. Man get plan for hin heart, but na Baba-God dey give am di correct ansa to tok.
  2. All man way dey pure for hin eyes, but na Baba-God dey judge hin spirit.
  3. Commit your business to Baba-God, and your plan go stand gidigbam.
  4. Baba-God don make everitin for hinsef—even badbelle pipo dey wait to fall wen kasala go burst.
  5. Any-pesin wey dey feel-big na tufiakwa to Baba-God, even if dem join dia head togeda, none of dem go escape wit-out punishment.
  6. Na wit mercy plus faithfulness, pesin fit pay for sin; and na di fear of Baba-God dey make man komot from bad tin.
  7. Wen Baba-God love man way, he go make even hin enemies make peace wit am.
  8. E beta make you get small tin wit clean-hand, dan to get plenty moni wit ojoro.
  9. Man get plan for hin heart, but na Baba-God dey tell am where he go waka go.
  10. Oba lips na oracle, and hin lips no suppose judge wit ojoro.
  11. Baba-God like correct measurement and balance, all di weight for di bag na hin work.
  12. Na tufiakwa for oba to do wicked tins, na righteousness dey make throne stand gidigbam.
  13. Kings like pesin wey dey tok true; dem love pipo wey dey tok di right tins.
  14. Wen king vex, e be like messenger of death, but wise man go cool am down.
  15. Wen king face dey smile, e mean life; and hin favour be like las-las rain for raining season.
  16. E beta make you get wisdom—dan make you get gold, e beta make you choose understanding—dan make you choose silver.
  17. Di highway of pesin wey get clean-hand na to komot from evil, any-pesin wey dey watch hin way, go dey safe.
  18. Afta pesin carry shoulder up, las-las he go fall, and spirit wey dey feel-big—go soon fall.
  19. E beta make pesin live simple life wit low-key pipo, dan to share evil moni wit pipo wey dey make-mouth.
  20. Any-pesin wey dey hear word—wit sense, go see alubarika, and di pesin wey trust Baba-God go always dey happy.
  21. Dem know wise pipo for dia understanding, and beta words dey promote learning.
  22. Understanding na water of life wey dey flow to those pipo wey get am, but di correction of mumu pipo na yeye.
  23. Wise man heart dey guide hin mouth, and e dey teach am how to sabi tok.
  24. Beta words na honey wey dey sweet for di soul, and wey dey give good health to di bone.
  25. Man get hin way, wey be like sey e dey right for hin eyes, but dat way dey lead to death las-las.
  26. Pesin wey dey hustle, dey hustle for hinsef, na hin mouth wey dey hungry dey ginger am.
  27. Evil man dey plan evil tins, and e dey for hin lips like faya wey dey burn.
  28. Corrupt man dey cos kwanta, and tatafo dey separate correct padi.
  29. Man wey like to shed blood dey tempt hin neighbour, con carry am enta bad way.
  30. He dey close hin eyes to plan bad tin, and he dey run hin lips—to make evil come to pass.
  31. White hair na crown of levels, you fit only get am from righteous life.
  32. Pesin wey no dey quick vex beta pass man wey get power; man wey dey control hin spirit—beta pass man wey fit control full city.
  33. Dem don throw coin up, but na Baba-God go decide which side go face up or down.


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