Proverbs (Pidgin Bible)

Proverbs 19

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  1. E beta make pesin be poor man wit clean-hand, dan make pesin be lie-lie and mugu.
  2. E no good make pesin be olodo, and pesin wey dey rush—go commit error.
  3. Na di mumu way of man, dey make hin road get k-leg, and he go still dey para for Baba-God.
  4. Wealth dey bring plenty padi, but poor man padi go fashi am.
  5. Baba-God must punish lie-lie witness, and any-pesin wey dey always tok lie no go go free.
  6. Plenty pipo dey fyne favour from bigman, and everi-pesin na padi of man wey sabi give gift.
  7. Poor man brodas hate am—tokless of hin padi wey go run from am! Even though he dey beg to see dem, dem no go gree see am.
  8. Any-pesin wey get wisdom love hin own soul; and pesin wey like understanding go see alubarika.
  9. Baba-God must punish lie-lie witness, and any-pesin wey dey tok lie go kpeme.
  10. Expensive life no-fit mugu—tokless of make slave dey rule princes!
  11. Man wisdom go make am no dey quick vex; na levels for man to bone pesin wey offend am.
  12. Wen king para, e be like wen lion dey halla, but king favour be like showers on top of grass.
  13. Mumu pikin go fall hin papa hand, and wife wey like wahala—be like wen rain no wan gree stop.
  14. Na from papa and mama dem take dey collect properties and wealth, but na Baba-God dey give pesin—wife wey get-sense.
  15. Laziness dey make pesin sleep deep, and man wey no wan hustle go hungry die.
  16. Pesin wey dey keep di commandment dey guard hin life, but pesin wey no dey reason hin way go kpeme. 
  17. Pesin wey kind to poor pipo, don borrow Baba-God moni, and Baba-God go reward am for wetin he don do.
  18. Correct your pikin wen hope still dey; no put your mind on wetin go spoil am.
  19. Man wey dey vex seriously must pay for wetin he don do; if you save am once, you go still need to sorry for am again.
  20. Dey hear advice, accept wetin dem dey teach you, and las-las you go wise.
  21. Man get plenty plans for hin heart, but na Baba-God plan for hin life go stand.
  22. Wetin man want na love. E beta make you poor, dan make you be lie-lie.
  23. Di fear of Baba-God dey lead to life, and pesin wey get am go belleful forever, and wahala no go fit reach where he dey stay.
  24. Lazy man put hin hand for inside plate; and he no-fit carry hin hand put back for hin mouth!
  25. Flog mugu and pipo go get-sense. Correct man wey get understanding, and he go sabi sometin.
  26. Pikin wey do hin papa anyhow, con pursue hin mama komot, na pikin wey dey bring shame plus disgrace.
  27. My pikin, if you stop to dey listen to wetin dem dey teach you, you go waka komot from words of knowledge.
  28. Corrupt witness dey use justice play, and wicked pesin mouth dey chop evil.
  29. Punishment dey wait for mumu pipo, and beating must touch swegbe back.


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