Proverbs (Pidgin Bible)

Proverbs 21

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  1. King heart dey for Baba-God hand, he dey direct am go where he like—like river of water.
  2. All man ways dey right to am for hin heart, but Baba-God nahin dey judge pesin mind.
  3. Baba-God prefer make pesin do wetin dey right and justice, dan make pesin give am sacrifice.
  4. Big-eyes, and buga for heart—evil man movement na sin.
  5. Di plan of pesin wey serious for business go surely bring yanfu-yanfu, but di plan of rush-rush pipo—go surely lead to poverty.
  6. Moni wey pesin make wit wuru-wuru tongue—na dream wey no dey last for pipo wey dey fyne death.
  7. Di blood shed of evil pipo go make dem kpeme, becos dem no gree do wetin dey right.
  8. Di way of corrupt man na wuru-wuru, but as for man wey pure—hin way dey right.
  9. E beta make pesin stay for one corner on top of roof, dan make pesin dey for house wit woman wey like to quarrel.
  10. Wicked man dey fyne where to do evil; hin neighbour no-fit see favour for hin eyes.
  11. Wen dem punish mugu—ordinary pipo go learn wisdom, but wen dem teach wise man, he dey sabi more.
  12. Baba-God wey righteous—dey use wisdom reason wicked man house, and he go overthrow wicked pipo for dia wickedness.
  13. If pesin cover hin ears wen poor man dey cry, hinsef go cry and no-pesin go ansa am.
  14. Gift wey dem give pesin codedly dey make pesin wey dey vex—pam, and egunje wey dem give codedly—dey make pesin wey dey vex—calm down.
  15. Righteous pipo dey happy wen justice happun, but all di pipo wey dey do evil tins go scata.
  16. Na deadbody go be di padi of man wey don komot from di road of understanding.
  17. Pesin wey like faji go be poor man, any-pesin wey like wine and sweet tins no go fit make kudi.
  18. Dem go use wicked pipo life take bail righteous pipo, and dem go use unfaithful pipo life take exchange for pipo wey get clean-heart.
  19. E beta make you stay for desert, dan make you stay wit woman wey like to dey para, and wey like quarrel.
  20. Fine-fine-tins, and ororo brekete for wise man house, but mumu man dey waste everitin wey he get.
  21. Pesin wey dey follow righteousness plus mercy go get life, righteousness, plus levels.
  22. Wise man go attack di city of warriors, con fall dia power-house wey dem trust.
  23. Pesin wey guard hin mouth and hin tongue—go keep hin soul from kasala.
  24. Man wey dey make-mouth and man wey dey carry shoulder up—“Mumu” nahin name; he dey feel-big, and he dey buga.
  25. Lazy man wish nahin go kill am, becos he no gree use hin hand hustle.
  26. Hin eyes dey shuuk wit longatrot from morning till night, but righteous man dey give wit open heart.
  27. Wicked man sacrifice na tufiakwa—tokless of wen he give di sacrifice wit bad mind!
  28. Lie-lie witness go kpeme, but pesin wey dey listen—go tok well.
  29. Wicked man dey bone-face, but as for man wey get clean-heart—he dey stand gidigbam for hin business.
  30. No wisdom, no understanding, and no idea—wey fit stand against Baba-God.
  31. Dem don arrange horse for di day of war, but na Baba-God dey save pesin.


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