Proverbs (Pidgin Bible)

Proverbs 23

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  1. Wen you sidon wan follow king chop, reason wetin dey for your front,
  2. Put knife for your throat, if you get longatrot.
  3. No let your eyes shuuk for hin mende-mende food, becos he fit dey try to deceive you.
  4. No kill yourself becos you wan make moni, use your common sense take maintain.
  5. If you put your eyes on moni, before you know moni don waka, e go fly like eagle go up-up.
  6. No chop food from pesin wey get tight-hand, no reason hin mende-mende food.
  7. Na di kain pesin wey dey always reason how much he don spend. He go tok sey, “Chop and drink,” but he no mean am from hin heart.
  8. You go vomit di small food wey you don chop, con waste your greeting—wey you don greet am.
  9. No follow ode reason, or he go laff your wise words.
  10. No go shift olden days boundary stone becos you wan use ogboju collect orphan land.
  11. Baba-God wey dey defend dem strong well-well; he go carry dia mata for hin head take fight you.
  12. Use your heart take reason wetin you don learn, and use your ears take listen to wetin dem dey teach you.
  13. Correct small pikin; if you flog am wit cane he no go kpeme.
  14. Flog am wit cane to save hin soul from death.
  15. My pikin, if your heart wise, naso my heart go dey sweet me wella.
  16. Eehn…my deep-deep spirit go happy wen your lips dey tok di right tins.
  17. No let your heart dey jealous sinners, but dey serious to respect Baba-God everi day,
  18. Your future hope na sure-banker, and your hope no go cut komot.
  19. Listen my son, so dat you go wise, and make you keep your heart for di way.
  20. No join pipo wey dey jogodo, or join longatrot wey dey chop meat anyhow,
  21. shayo-master and longatrot go poor las-las, and sleep-sleep go make dem baffup wit dirty-cloth.
  22. Listen to your papa wey give you life, and no fashi your mama wen she don old.
  23. Buy di truth, but no sell am; get wisdom, learning, plus understanding sef.
  24. Righteous man papa dey happy well-well, and pesin wey get wise pikin dey happy for hin pikin.
  25. I pray for happiness for your mama and papa; make di woman wey born you jolly!
  26. My son, give me your heart, and make your eyes observe my way.
  27. Ashawo na deep hole, and to follow olosho be like sey you fall inside tin well.
  28. Naso she dey wait for her maga, and she dey make plenty men dey unfaithful.
  29. Who get yawa? Who get sorrow? Who dey always kwanta? Which pipo dey always complain? Which pipo get yeye wound? Who get red eyes?
  30. Na those pipo wey dey jogodo well-well, pipo wey dey fyne drink wey dem don mix.
  31. No dey look drink as e fine for eyes, as e dey shine for cup, as e smooth for throat!
  32. Las-las e dey bite like snake, and e dey poison like viper.
  33. Your eyes go see wetin you neva see before, and your mind go dey imagine tins wey go confuse you.
  34. Eehn…you go be like pesin wey dey sleep for high sea, like pesin wey sleep on top of ship pole, you go tok sey,
  35.  “Dem nack me but I no wound! Dem beat me, but I no feel anytin! Which time I go wake up make I collect anoda bottle?”


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