Proverbs (Pidgin Bible)

Proverbs 25

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More Proverbs Of Solomon

  1. Dis one sef na more proverbs of King Solomon, wey Hezekiah, king of Judea—men write down.
  2. Na levels for Baba-God to code mata; and na levels for king to understand mata.
  3. As heaven high reach, and as earth deep reach, naso dem no-fit reason wetin dey for inside oba heart.
  4. Komot di waste material from silver, and di silversmith go fit produce jewelry.
  5. Komot wicked pipo from king side, and hin throne go stand gidigbam wit righteousness.
  6. No make-mouth for king front, and no go claim sey you be great man;
  7. e beta make he tell you sey, “Come up here,” dan make he fall your hand for front of di princes. Wetin you don see wit your eyes,
  8. no carry am rush go court, wetin you go do if your neighbour con make shame catch you las-las?
  9. If you dey argue mata wit your neighbour, no open anoda pesin secret,
  10.  or if any-pesin hear am, shame go catch you and your name go spoil.
  11. Word wey pesin tok for di right time—be like golden apple for silver basket.
  12. To use wisdom criticize pesin wey dey hear word—be like gold earring or fine jewelries.
  13. Messenger wey dem trust—be like di cold snow for harvest time—to di pipo wey send am; he dey ginger di spirit of hin oga.
  14. Like cloud and heavy-breeze wey no gree bring rain, naso man wey dey make-mouth wit gift wey he no-fit give—be.
  15. Na wit serious patience you go fit beg king, and soft tongue fit break bone.
  16. If you see honey, chop di one wey you fit chop—if you chop too much, you go start to dey vomit.
  17. No dey too go your neighbour house—or dem go taya for you, con start to dey hate you.
  18. To lie for your neighbour head, be like sey make you nack am wit kpako, or shuuk am wit sword, or sharp arrow.
  19. To trust unfaithful pesin wen yawa gas, be like make your teeth dey pain you, and e be like make your leg shift from e joint.
  20. Like pesin wey komot hin cloth for cold weather, or like pouring ogogoro on top wound—naso e be to sing for pesin wey no get joy.
  21. If your enemies dey hungry, give dem food to chop; if he wan drink water, give am water drink.
  22. If you do like dat, you don put hot charcoal for hin head, and Baba-God go reward you.
  23. As north breeze take dey carry rain come, naso pesin wey get amebor tongue—dey make face spoil.
  24. E beta make you dey stay for one corner of roof, dan make you dey stay for di same house wit woman wey like quarrel.
  25. As cold water be for soul wey don taya, naso good news be—from abroad.
  26. Righteous man wey give wicked man chance—be like water wey full wit portor-portor, and well wit bad water.
  27. E no good to chop too much honey, and naso e be sef wen pesin dey fyne praise from pipo —no be levels be dat.
  28. Man wey no-fit control hinsef, be like city wey e wall don kpafuka.


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