Proverbs (Pidgin Bible)

Proverbs 29

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  1. Pesin wey no wan gree change afta plenty pipo don warn am—go soon fall, and notin go fit save am again.
  2. Wen righteous man dey rule, pipo go dey jolly; wen wicked men dey rule, pipo go dey cry.
  3. Any-pesin wey love wisdom dey make hin papa happy, but pesin wey get plenty ashawo as hin padi—go waste hin moni finish.
  4. Na wit justice king take dey maintain hin kontri, but king wey get longatrot for egunje go bring hin kontri down.
  5. Any-pesin wey dey whyne hin neighbour wit sweet-mouth dey set trap for am.
  6. Evil man sin go catch am like trap, but righteous man go sing and jolly.
  7. Righteous man dey reason justice for poor pipo, but wicked man no understand dat kain mata.
  8. Mumu pipo fit cos faya for full city, but wise men dey make pesin wey dey vex—cool down.
  9. If wise man dey argue wit mugu, di mugu go dey para and dey laff, and settlement no go dey.
  10. Men wey like to shed blood—hate men wey get clean-hands, but good men dey fyne way to epp pipo wey get clean-hands.
  11. Mumu pesin dey show hinsef wen he dey vex, but wise man dey control hinsef.
  12. If Igwe dey listen to lies, all hin officials go wicked well-well.
  13. Poor man and pesin wey dey oppress am resemble demsef; na Baba-God dey give dia eyes light.
  14. King wey dey judge poor pipo wit truth, hin throne go last forever.
  15. Punishment plus correction dey make pesin wise, but pikin wey dem just leave like dat—go fall hin mama hand.
  16. Wen wicked men dey shine—sin sef go shine, but righteous man go see as dem go take fall yakata.
  17. Correct your pikin, and dem go give you peace; eehn…e go make your soul jolly.
  18. Where vision no dey, di pipo go kpeme; but blessed na di pesin wey dey keep di law.
  19. You no-fit just use ordinary tok take correct your servant; even if he understand, he no go ansa you.
  20. Mugu get hope pass man wey no dey reason before he tok.
  21. Servant wey pesin dey pet from small go turn to hin pikin las-las.
  22. Man wey dey vex—dey cos quarrel, and pesin wey dey para go do plenty wrong sins.
  23. Man wey dey carry-shoulder-up go fall, but man wey dey do jeje—go gain respect.
  24. Pesin wey epp tiff, hate hin own life, he don swear to tok true, but he no-fit tok anytin!
  25. To dey fear man—na trap; but any-pesin wey trust Baba-God go dey safe.
  26. Plenty pipo wan meet king for epp, but justice for man—dey come from Baba-God.
  27. Righteous man no like pesin wey dey lie; wicked pipo no like pesin wey get clean-hand.


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