Proverbs (Pidgin Bible)

Proverbs 3

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More-More Tins Wey You Go Gain From Wisdom

  1. My son, no fashi wetin I dey teach you, but keep di tins wey I tell you for your mind.
  2. Dem go make you live long, dem go make you see old age, and dem go give you alafia.
  3. No ever fashi mercy and truth, tie dem join your neck, write am for di book of your heart.
  4. Naso you go take get favour and high level for Baba-God eyes, plus men eyes.
  5. Trust Baba-God wit all your heart, no depend on your own understanding.
  6. Ask Baba-God to guide all your way, and he go make your way straight.
  7. For your own eyes, no see yourself as pesin wey too get-sense; fear Baba-God and komot hand from evil tins.
  8. E go make your body get good health, and make your bones strong kakaraka.
  9. Use everitin wey you get take honour Baba-God, and wit di first-fruit of your harvest.
  10. Naso your store go full brekete, and your calabash go pour-throway wit fresh wine.
  11. My pikin, no throway-face wen Baba-God dey teach you lesson, and no dey vex wen Baba-God dey correct you.
  12. Becos Baba-God dey correct pesin wey he love, just as papa take dey correct hin pikin wey he like well-well.
  13. Man wey don fyne wisdom na happy man, and man wey don gain understanding.
  14. Wisdom go pay you pass silver, and she go give you gain wey pass fine gold.
  15. She fine pass rubies; inside everitin wey you want for dis life—no one beta reach wisdom.
  16. Long life dey for her right hand, plenty ego plus respect dey for her left hand.
  17. Her ways fine well-well, and na so-so peace full all her way.
  18. She be tree of life for those pipo wey hold her tight, and di pipo wey keep her—na happy pipo.
  19. Na wisdom Baba-God use build di foundation of di earth, and he use understanding take set di heaven gidigbam.
  20. Na wit hin knowledge he make di rivers flow, and di clouds to pour rain for di earth.
  21. My son, no let beta wisdom and common sense komot from your eyes, hold dem tight,
  22. dem go be life to your soul, and dem go be like fine necklace for your neck,
  23. Naso you go dey waka for your way wit safety, and your leg no go nack sometin wey go make you stagger;
  24. You no go fear—any time wen you lie down for bed. Your sleep go sweet well-well wen you lie down for bed.
  25. No dey fear sey kasala go just burst, or dey fear wahala from badbelle pipo wen e show.
  26. Na Baba-God go be your full-mind, and he no go let anytin catch your leg.
  27. No hide beta tin from those pipo wey really need am—wen di power dey your hand to epp.
  28. No tell your neighbour sey, “Go, make you come back, and I go give you tomorrow,” wen di tin dey wit you.
  29. No plan bad tin for your neighbour becos he feel safe to stay near you.
  30. No kwanta wit pesin for no reason—wen di pesin no do anytin bad to you.
  31. No jealous pipo wey dey oppress pipo, or copy any of hin way.
  32. Pesin wey hin way no straight na tufiakwa to Baba-God, but hin secret wisdom dey wit pipo wey get clean-heart.
  33. Baba-God curse dey for wicked man house, but Baba-God dey bless righteous pesin house.
  34. Baba-God dey laff pipo wey dey use pesin laff, but hin grace dey wit pipo wey dey do jeje.
  35. Wise pipo go inherit respect, but na shame go be di promotion for mumu pipo.


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