Proverbs (Pidgin Bible)

Proverbs 6

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              Warning Make You No Be Mugu

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  1. My son, if you don stand as guarantor for your padi, if you don agree to be guarantor for jjc,
  2. if wetin you tok don hold-you-for-work, or your mouth don catch you,
  3. make you do dis tin my son, and free yourself—becos you don fall inside your padi hand. Go, con humble yourself. Beg your padi!
  4. No close your eyes con sleep, no let sleep carry you go.
  5. Free yourself, like bush-meat from hunter hand, and like bird from hunter hand.
  6. Chai lazy man; go meet ant, reason dem and make you get-sense!
  7. Dem no get oga, chairman, or oba wey dey rule dem,
  8. but dem dey keep dia food for dry season, and dem dey gada dia food for harvest.
  9. How long you go dey sleep, chai lazy man? Wen you go stand up from your sleep?
  10. Make I sleep small, make I chill small, make I fold my hand rest small—
  11. and poverty go come meet you like tiff, and your bills go hook you like armed robber.
  12. Useless pesin and wicked man dey waka about wit bad-mouth,
  13. he dey cut bad-eyes, he dey use leg give sign, and he dey point wit hin finger.
  14. Wuru-wuru dey for hin heart, he dey always plan evil, and he dey always cos kwanta.
  15. Naso wahala go just carry am go sharp-sharp; kpakpakpa he go scata and notin go fit save am again.
  16. Na six tins Baba-God no-like; eehn…seven tins na tufiakwa to am:
  17. eyes wey dey feel-big, tongue wey dey lie, hand wey dey shed innocent blood,
  18. heart wey dey plan evil tins, leg wey dey sharp-sharp rush enta evil,
  19. fake witness wey dey tok lie, and pesin wey dey cos kwanta among brodas.
  20. My pikin, keep wetin your papa tell you, and no fashi wetin your mama teach you.
  21. Tie dem join your heart forever; tie dem for your neck.
  22. Dem go lead you wen you dey waka; dem go watch you wen you dey sleep, wen you wake up, dem go reason wit you.
  23. Di commandment na lamp, and di law na light; and di correction of teaching na di way to life,
  24. wey go keep you from wicked woman—and from di sweet-mouth of ashawo.
  25. No trip for her for your heart becos she fine, no let her use her eyes hold you for work.
  26. Ashawo go turn man to bread, and anoda man wife go kill am.
  27. Abi man fit carry faya for body—wey hin cloth no go burn?
  28. Abi man fit waka on top of charcoal—wey hin leg no go burn?
  29. Naso e be for man wey climb anoda man wife, Baba-God go punish any-pesin wey touch her.
  30. Nnaa, make una no hate tiff if he steal from you to chop, as hungry dey kill am.
  31. But if dem catch am, he must pay seven times, even if he go pay wit everitin wey he get for hin house.
  32. But man wey climb anoda pesin wife no get-sense; any-pesin wey do am dey kill hin own soul.
  33. Wound and disgrace nahin he go get, and hin shame no go ever komot.
  34. Na jealousy dey make pesin husband para, and he no go sorry for pesin wen he dey revenge.
  35. He no go gree make you settle am; even plenty gift no go fit cool am down.


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