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Pidgin language is a language that is rich in proverbs and wise sayings. You can hardly speak two sentences in pidgin without using pidgin proverbs. This makes the language fun to speak.

Pidgin Proverbs also creates more understanding in communication. I mostly enjoy pidgin when it’s been spoken by ederly people. They really know how to use pidgin proverbs. They do this especially when they are advicing younger ones. Even if you forget their advice, you will always remember the pidgin proverbs, and if you can remember the pidgin proverbs, then you must remember the advice..

Consequently, there is no pidgin language without pidgin proverbs. The proverb is like the stew of the language, it gives it taste and richness.

You can learn several proverbs from the master of proverbs, King Solomon. He is a teacher, wealthy king, and one of the wisest men ever. Click here to read the Pidgin Proverbs of king solomon.

Tell us your favourite pidgin proverbs in the comment box below. Let’s learn some new proverbs.


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