Chapter 9

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Di Agreement of Di Rainbow

  1. Baba-God bless Noah and hin sons, he con tell dem sey, “Make una born pikin, and make una plenty well- well, con brekete for di earth.
  2. And everi animal for di earth go fear you con dey  shake, plus everi bird wey dey fly for sky sef, and everitin wey dey move for di earth, plus all di fish for  di water—all of dem dey for your hand.
  3. Everitin wey get life and wey dey move go be meat

for you, even as di green plants—I don give you everi- everi.

4. Di only tin wey una must no chop na meat wey still get blood inside am, na tufiakwa for me becos di life  dey for inside di blood.

Any pesin wey kill pesin must receive punishment. I go use death take punish any animal wey kill human  being.

6. Any pesin wey shed man blood, man sef go shed hin  blood: becos Baba-God make man inside hin own image.

7. And una, make una produce fruit and make una

grow; produce yanfu-yanfu for di earth, and spread  full di earth.”

8. Naso Baba-God follow Noah and hin sons yarn sey,

9. “And me, see I don make my agreement stand wit you  and wit your pikin-pikin-pikin afta you.

10. wit everi living animal wey dey wit you; di birds, wit di malu, wit everi animal of di earth wey dey wit you—everi animals wey komot from di ark, and wit everi animal for di earth.

11. So I go make my agreement wit you stand; big-water no go kill everi pesin again, and no big-water go con  scata di earth again.

12. As sign of dis everlasting agreement wey I dey make  wit una, and wit everitin wey dey alive,

13. I dey set my rainbow for sky, e go be sign of my  agreement wit di world.

14. And e go happun sey wen I set cloud for di earth, pipo  go see di rainbow for sky,

15. And I go remember my agreement wey dey between you and me, and everi kind of animal wey dey alive, and di water no go ever scata everi animal.

16. Wen I see di rainbow for sky, I go remember di everlasting agreement between Baba-God plus everitin wey dey alive for di earth.”

17. Baba-God con tell Noah sey, “Yes, dis rainbow na di sign of di agreement wey I dey confam wit everitin  wey dey alive for di earth.”

Noah Sons

18. And Noah sons wey komot from di ark [boat] na, Shem, Ham, plus Japheth: and Ham nahin be di papa of Canaan.

19. Na di three sons of Noah: and na dem nahin born full  di whole earth.

20. Noah con start to dey farm, he con plant grape farm.

21. So he drink from di wine con high, naso he naked for  inside hin tent.

22. Ham wey be di papa of Canaan see hin papa nakedness, con go tell hin two brodas for outside.

23. So Shem and Japheth carry cloth to cover dia papa nakedness, dem turn face back, and dem no gree look  dia papa as he dey naked.

Noah wake up from hin highness to see wetin hin  junior son don do to am.

24. He con tok sey, “Make curse dey wit Canaan; make e  be servant of servants for hin brodas.”

25. He con tok sey, “Blessings for di God of Shem, and  Canaan go be dia servant.

26. Baba-God go make Japheth land big, he go stay for di  tents of Shem, and Canaan go be hin servant.

27. Noah live for three hundred and fifty years afta di  big-water.

28. So Noah live for nine hundred and fifty years old  before he kpeme.


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