Genesis Chapter 2

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          Baba-God Rest For Di Seventh Day

  1. Naso Baba-God finish work for di heavens plus di earth, plus everitin wey dey for inside dem.
  2. Na di seventh day Baba-God con finish hin work wey he don make, and he rest for di seventh day from all di works wey he don make.
  3. Naso Baba-God bless di seventh day, con make am holy becos na dat seventh day he rest from everitin  wey he make and form.

Adam plus Eve Inside Di Garden

4. Na di generations of di heavens plus di earth be dis—wen Baba-God make dem, for di day wen Baba-God di Oga make di heavens plus di earth,

5. plus everi plant wey dey grow for field, before e show  for inside di earth, plus everi herb for di land before dem grow: dat time, Baba-God neva make rain fall for  di earth, and no pesin dey to dig di ground to plant.

6. But one cloud form from di earth, con water di whole face of di ground.

7. And Baba-God form man from di dust wey dey for

ground, con breath di breath of life inside hin nose-pipe, naso man take turn to soul wey dey alive.

8. And Baba-God plant garden for di east-side of Eden, and na for there he put di man wey he don make.

9. And from di ground, Baba-God make everi fine tree

grow wey fine for eyes, and wey good for food; di tree of life sef dey for di middle of di garden, and di tree of  knowledge of good plus evil.

10. And one river flow inside Eden, wey dey water di garden, and from there e separate, con turn to four  heads.

11. Di name of di first na—Pison: nahin dey flow round di  whole land of Havilah, where gold dey.

12. And di gold wey dey for dat land dey good. Onyx  stone plus bdellium dey there.

13. And di name of di second river na Gihon, dis one sef flow round di whole land of Africa [Cush].

14. Di name of di third river na Hiddekel: Nahin dey flow go di east side of Assyria. And di fourth river na Euphrates.

          Di Fruit Wey Baba-God Forbid

15. Baba-God con carry man put inside di garden of Eden, to keep am clean and to maintain am.

16. Naso Baba-God command di man sey, “You fit chop  from all di trees wey dey for inside di garden,

17. but make you no chop from di tree of di knowledge of good and evil, you go surely die—di day wey you go chop am.

         Adam Give Di Animals Names

18. Baba-God con tok sey, “E no good make man just dey  alone, I go make pesin wey go dey epp am wey fit am.”

19. And na from sand-sand nahin Baba-God take form everi animal wey dey for di land, plus everi bird wey dey fly for sky, and he carry dem show Adam, to see wetin Adam go call dem: And anytin wey  Adam call any animal wey dey live—nahin con true-true be dia name.

20. And Adam name all di different-different malu, and  all di animals wey dey for di land, plus di birds wey dey fly for sky, but Adam no get pesin wey dey epp  am.

      As Baba-God Take Make Woman

21. Baba-God con make Adam start to dey sleep one kain  deep sleep, naso di sleep catch Adam. So Baba-God carry one of Adam ribs, con gum di flesh back;

22. And Baba-God use di ribs wey he carry from Adam  take form woman, con carry her go show Adam.

23. Naso Adam tok sey, “Dis one now, na my own bone, and na my own flesh: I go call her, “Woman,” becos na  from inside man Baba-God carry her come.

24. Nahin make man go leave hin mama plus papa, con gum-body  wit hin woman to make dem one pesin.

25. And di two of dem naked, but shame no catch dem.


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