Genesis Chapter 3

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As Man Take Fall

  1. Now, di snake bin get one kain wayo way pass any oda animal wey dey for di land wey Baba-God don make. E con yarn di woman sey, “Abi Baba-God tok sey make una no chop from everi tree wey dey for di  garden?”
  2. Di woman con tell di snake sey, “We fit chop from di  fruits of di garden:
  3. But Baba-God tok sey make we no chop from di fruit of di tree wey dey for di middle of di garden, he even  tok sey make we no touch am or else we go kpeme.”
  4. Di snake con tell di woman sey, “No be sey una go  true-true die:
  5. Baba-God know sey your eyes go open—di day wey you go chop from am, and you go be like gods, you go sabi both good plus evil.
  6. Wen di woman con see sey di tree good for food, and sey e fine for eyes, and sey na tree wey pesin go want—to make am wise, naso she carry di fruit, she chop  am, she con carry some give her husband, and hinsef  chop am.
  7. Naso di two of dem eyes con open, dem notice sey dem dey naked, naso dem carry fig leaves join each  oda—to use am cover body.
  8. So dem hear Baba-God voice dey waka inside di garden wen di day don cool. Naso Adam and hin wife dey kpanji [hide] from Baba-God di Oga—among di trees for di garden.
  9. Baba-God call Adam, he tok sey, “Where you dey?”
  10. Naso Adam tok sey, “I hear your voice for inside di garden, I con dey fear becos I dey naked, so I hide mysef [I kpanji].”
  11. Baba-God con ask, “Who tell you sey you dey naked? Abi you don chop from di tree wey I tok sey make you  no chop from?”
  12. Naso Adam tok sey, “Na di woman wey you give me to  dey wit me, she give me from di fruit of di tree and mesef chop am.”
  13. So Baba-God tell di woman sey, “Which kain tin you  con do so?” and di woman tok sey, “Di snake nahin play me wayo, and I con chop am.”

As Baba-God Take Judge

14. Baba-God con tell di snake sey, “Becos you do dis kain tin, curse dey for your head pass everi malu and everi animal, na your belle you go take dey waka. And na dust you go dey chop everi day of your life.”

15. And I go put badbelle between you and woman, and  between your pikin and her pikin; he go nack your head, and you go wound am for leg.”

16. Naso Baba-God tell di woman sey, “I go make your pain burku wen you carry belle—na inside pain you go take born your pikin, and na your husband your  heart go dey follow, and he go control you.

17. He tell Adam sey, “Becos you don fall for your woman  voice, and you con chop from di tree wey I tell you sey make you no chop from, di ground go dey cursed  becos of you, na from inside pain you go take chop from di land—all di days of your life.

18. Shuuku-shuuku and stubborn grass nahin go grow for  di land, and na di grass of di land you go dey chop.

19. Na wit sweat for your face you go take chop bread, until you go go back to sand-sand, na from dust Baba-God take form you: you be dust, and you go go back to dust.”

20. So Adam call hin wife—Eve, becos na she be di mama  of everitin wey dey alive.

21. Baba-God make cloth of skin for Adam and hin wife— to cover dia body.

Adam and Eve komot From Di Garden

22. Baba-God con tok sey, “See—man don be like one of  us to know good plus evil, he must no stretch hin hand con take sef from di tree of life to chop—con live  forever.”

23. So Baba-God send am komot from di garden of Eden, to hustle for di land wey Baba-God use take make am.

24. So Baba-God pursue di man, he con put Cherubim and sword wit faya for di east side of di garden—wey dey turn go everi side—to guard di way of di tree of life.


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