Genesis Chapter 4

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Cain plus Abel

  1. So Adam sleep wit hin wife Eve, she get-belle, con born Cain, so she tok sey, “Baba-God don give me baby-boy.
  2. Naso she born pikin again—broda of Cain—Abel. So  Abel dey train sheep, but Cain dey plant food for ground.
  3. As time pass small, naso Cain bring offering for Baba-God from di fruit of di ground.
  4. Abel sef bring offering from di first and fat pikin of hin animals. Baba-God show respect for Abel and hin  offering.
  5. But he no show respect for Cain and hin offering. Cain  con dey vex and dey para well-well, and he con bone face.
  6. Naso Baba-God tell Cain sey, “Why you con dey vex, why you dey squeeze face?
  7. Abi I no go accept you if to sey you do well? And if you no do well, sin dey wait for doormot, and na you  e go dey fyne, and you must control am.
  8. And Cain follow hin broda Abel yarn: and e happun sey as dem dey for field Cain raise up con change-am-for hin broda Abel—naso he kill am.
  9. Baba-God con ask Cain sey, “Where your broda Abel?” Naso he ansa sey, “I no know, abi na me dey keep my broda?”
  10. Baba-God con tok sey, “Which kain tin you don do so? Di voice of your broda blood dey cry come meet me  from ground.
  11. Now you dey cursed from di earth wey don open mouth to drink your broda blood from your hand.
  12. Wen you hustle for di land, e no go open e full pawa  to you, you go be like prisoner wey dey run and vagabond for di earth.”
  13. Cain con tell Baba-God sey, “My punishment pass  wetin I fit carry.
  14. Chai today, you don pursue me komot from di face of di earth and I go hide from your face. I go be like  prisoner wey dey run, and I go dey waka upandan di earth; and e go happun sey any pesin wey see me go kill me.
  15. Baba-God con tok sey, “Any pesin wey kill Cain, hin punishment go be times seven.” So Baba-God put mark  for Cain body to warn any pesin wey wan try to kill am.
  16. So Cain waka komot from Baba-God face, con go stay  for di land of Nod, for di east side of Eden.
  17. Cain sleep wit hin wife, she get-belle con born Enoch. Naso Cain build one city and he name di city Enoch— di same name wit hin pikin.
  18. Enoch born Irad: naso Irad born Mehujael: and Mehujael born Methusael: and Mathusael born  Lamech.
  19. Lamech marry two wife: one name na Adah, and di  oda one name na Zillah.
  20. And Adah born Jabal: nahin be di papa of those pipo wey dey stay for tents and pipo wey dey keep malu.
  21. Hin broda name na Jubal: nahin be di papa of those  wey dey play harp plus organ.
  22. Zillah sef con born Tubalcain wey sabi make different-different kind of tools wit bronze and iron.
  23. Lamech con tell hin wife Adah plus Zallah sey, “Hear  my voice una wey be Lamech wife, follow wetin I dey  tok, “I don kill one guy becos he wound me.
  24. If any pesin wey kill Cain go get punishment seven  times, den any pesin wey kill me go receive punishment seventy times seven times!”

     Anoda Pikin

25. Adam sleep wit hin wife again; she con born baby-boy, and she name am Seth. So she tok sey, “Baba-God  don give me anoda son to replace Abel wey Cain kill.”

26. Naso Seth born boy wey he call Enosh. Na around dat  time pipo con start to dey call Baba-God name for worship.


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