Genesis Chapter 6

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Evil Con Dey Control Men

  1. And e happun as men con dey burku for di earth—and dem born daughters for dem.
  2. Baba-God sons con see men daughters, and dem fine, and dem marry all of dem wey dem choose.
  3. Baba-God con tok sey, “My Spirit no go always dey kwanta wit man, becos e be flesh, but hin days go be  hundred and twenty years.”
  4. Those days, giants dey for di earth, and afta dat sef, wen Baba-God sons meet di daughters of men, and dem born pikin for dem, and di same pikin con be ogbonge strong men of olden days—wey get levels.
  5. Baba-God con see sey man wickedness plenty for di  earth, and sey everitin wey he dey imagine for hin heart na only always evil tins.
  6. Baba-God con dey change mind sey he for no make  dem, and e make hin heart feel sad.
  7. Naso Baba-God tok sey, “I go scata man wey I don make—from di face of di earth; both man plus animals, and di tins wey dey creep, and di birds wey dey fly for sky; I no dey happy again sey I make dem.”
  8. But Noah see grace for Baba-God eyes.


9. Dis na di generations of Noah. Noah na man wey like  justice and he dey perfect for hin generation. And Noah follow Baba-God.

10. Noah born three sons, Shem, Ham, plus Japhet.

11. Di earth sef con dey corrupt for Baba-God eyes, and fight-fight nahin brekete for di earth.

12. Baba-God look di earth and true-true di earth corrupt, everi pesin don corrupt hin way for di earth.

Noah Build Big Boat Wey Dem Dey Call Ark

13. Naso Baba-God yarn Noah sey, “Di end of everi pesin dey for my front: fight-fight nahin burku for di earth tru dem, and see—I go scata dem wit di earth.
14. Use gopher wood take make ark [big boat], build rooms  inside am, and use tar take cover both inside plus outside.

And naso you go take make am; di ark [big boat] go long reach 450 feet, and make e wide reach 75 feet, con high

reach 45 feet.

16. Make roof for di ark [big boat], con leave space of 18 inches  between di roof and di sides. Build am as three storeys, and put door for di side.

17. I go send big-water for di earth wey go kill everitin  wey dey alive. Everitin wey dey for di earth go die.

18. But na you I go make my agreement wit, and you go enta di ark, you, plus your sons, plus your wife, plus  your sons wives.

19. Carry everi kind of male and female animal enta  di  boat, two-two, plus everi kind of bird, so dat you go fit  keep dem alive.

20. Different-different kind of birds, and different- different kind of animal, plus different-different kind  of animals wey dey creep for di earth, both male and female—to keep dem alive.

21. And you go carry everi kind of food wey una go chop, con keep am for store as food for you and for dem.”

22. So Noah do everitin just as Baba-God tell am.


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