Genesis Chapter 8

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    As Di Big-water Take End

  1. So Baba-God remember Noah plus everitin wey get  life, plus all di animals wey dey for inside di ark. Naso  Baba-God make breeze blow for di earth and di plenty-water con calm down.
  2. Di water wey dey flow from underground, plus di windows of heaven con stop to dey flow, and di rain from heaven  con stop,
  3. di water komot from di earth, and afta di end of di hundred and fifty days, di water wey dey flow con  dey stop.
  4. And di ark rest for di seventh month, di seventh day  of di month for on top of di mountains of Ararat.
  5. Di water con stop to dey flow small-small until di tenth month: for di tenth month, for di first day of di  month, dem see up of di mountains.
  6. E con happun sey for di end of di forty days, Noah  open di window of di ark wey he build.
  7. He send one Raven [bird] wey go-come, until di water dry  finish from di earth.
  8. He con send one dove sef—to see if di water don stop  to dey flow from di earth.
  9. But di dove no see any place for am to perch, so she go back to di ark becos di water full all di earth. So he  stretch hin hand go outside to carry di dove enta inside di ark;
  10. So he stay inside di ark for anoda seven days; and he  send di dove go outside again.
  11. Di dove come meet am for evening, and she pluck olive leaf for her mouth. So Noah con know sey di water don stop to dey flow for di earth.
  12. He still stay for anoda seven days; he con send di dove—wey no gree come back to am again.
  13. He con happun for di six hundred and one year, for di first month, for di first day of di month, di water con dry kpatakpata from di face of di earth, Noah komot di cover of di ark, he look, naso he see sey di ground don dry.
  14. And for di second month, on twenty seventh day of di  month nahin di earth dry finish.
  15. Baba-God con follow Noah tok sey,
  16. “Komot from di ark, you and your wife and your boys, plus dia wives.
  17. Carry everitin wey dey alive wit you follow-body, all  di animals, both birds, plus malu, and everi animal wey dey creep for di earth, so dat dem go fit born pikin full di earth, and make dem produce fruit and grow, con brekete for di earth.”
  18. So Noah komot from di ark wit hin sons, hin wife, and  di wives of hin sons.
  19. Everi animal, everitin wey dey creep, plus everi bird, plus everitin wey dey creep for di earth, different-different kind—all of dem komot from inside di ark.
  20. So Noah build altar for Baba-God, he carry from everi  clean animal, and from everi clean bird, he con give burnt offering for di altar.
  21. Naso Baba-God smell di nice scent; he con tok for hin  heart sey, “I no go curse di ground again becos of man; becos di tins wey man dey imagine for inside hin heart na evil—from wen he dey grow, and I no go  ever again kill everi living tin wey I don make—as I don do so.
  22. As long as di earth dey, time to plant seed and harvest time, cold plus heat, rainy season plus dry season, and day plus night—go always dey.”


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