Genesis Chapter 12

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Baba-God Call Abram

  1. Baba-God tell Abram sey, “Komot from your kontri  and from your family-pipo, and from your papa house—con go one land wey I go show you.
  2. And I go turn you to great nation, con bless you, and I  go give you big name, and you go turn to blessing.
  3. I go bless any pesin wey bless you, con curse any pesin wey curse you. And na from you everi family of  di earth go take receive blessings.”
  4. So Abram komot as Baba-God don yarn am, and Lot follow am go. Wen Abram komot from Haran, he be seventy five years.
  5. Abram carry hin wife Sarai follow-body, plus Lot wey  be hin broda pikin, wit everitin wey dem get, plus di pipo wey dem don get [di pipo wey dey wit dem for Haran.] Dem carry-go di land of Canaan; and dem reach di land of Canaan.
  6. So Abram pass tru di land reach one place wey dem  dey call Shechem, far-far reach di smooth-land of Moreh. And di pipo of Canaan dey for di land.
  7. Baba-God show-face to Abram, con tok sey, “I go give dis land to your pikin.” So Abram build altar for there, for  Baba-God wey show-face to am.
  8. From there, Abraham move go di mountain for di east side of Bethel, con camp for there—Bethel dey for di west side and Ai dey for di east side. He build altar for  Baba-God for there, con worship Baba-God name.
  9. Naso Abram travel dey go di south side.

Abram Enta Egypt

10. Hunger con dey di land of Canaan, so Abram enta

Egypt to live for there, di hunger wey dey for di land  serious well-well.

11. And e happun sey as he don dey reach Egypt, he tell Sarai hin wife sey, “See now, I know sey you be fine  woman wey pipo go like to look.

12. You go see sey e go happun sey wen we enta Egypt, dem go tok sey, “Na hin wife be dat, and dem go kill  me, but dem go free your life.

13. Abeg, I wan make you tok sey you be my sista—so dat e go beta for me becos of you, and so dat my soul go live becos of you.”

14. And e happun sey wen Abram enta Egypt, di Egyptians  con dey look di woman sey she fine well-well.

15. Pharaoh princes sef see her, con go gist Pharaoh as  she take fine reach, naso dem carry di woman go Pharaoh house.

16 . Naso he do Abram well becos of her, con give Abram sheeps, goats, malu, donkeys, plus house-boys and house-girls, and female donkeys, plus camels.

17. Naso Baba-God send bad disease to Pharaoh and hin house, becos of Sarai—Abram wife.

18. So Pharaoh call Abram, con tell am sey, “Wetin be dis wey you don do me so, why you no tell me sey she be  your wife?

19. Why you con tok sey she be your sista? So I con dey carry her as my wife? See, na your wife be dis, carry  her make una dey go una way.”

20. So Pharaoh send hin men follow dem as dem dey go  wit hin wife and everitin wey he get.


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