Genesis Chapter 13

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Abram and Lot Separate

  1. Abram komot from Egypt, him, hin wife, plus everitin wey dem get—Lot sef follow am go di  south.
  2. Abram con get plenty-plenty malu, and plenty silver  plus gold.
  3. Naso he enta road from south, even reach Bethel, reach where hin tent bin dey from di beginning, between Bethel and Hai;
  4. Reach di place of di altar wey he don first make, na  for there Abram call Baba-God name.
  5. And Lot sef, wey follow Abram—get plenty malu, and  plenty animals, plus tents.
  6. Di land no con fit contain di two of dem so dat dem go  stay togeda becos dia moni and properties plenty well-well—so dem no con fit live togeda.
  7. Kwanta con dey between di pipo wey dey take care of  Abram malu and di pipo wey dey take care of Lot malu. Di pipo of Canaan plus di Perizzite bin dey  for di land sef.
  8. Abram con tell Lot sey, “Abeg, make wahala no dey between me and you, and di pipo wey dey take care  of my malu and your own, becos we be brodas.
  9. Abi land no burku for here? Abeg make we dey on awa own, if you go left, den I go go right, or make you  go right so dat I go go left.”
  10. So Lot raise hin eyes to see all di smooth-land of di Jordan—sey water dey flow reach everi where, before  Baba-God scata Sodom and Gomorrah, even as Baba-God garden, like di land of Egypt [dis na before Baba- God scata di cities of Sodom plus Gomorrah.]
  11. So Lot choose all di smooth-land of Jordan; so he move go di east side, naso dem con dey on dia own.
  12. So Abram stay for di land of Canaan, and Lot con stay  for di city of di smooth-land, con settle hin tent near Sodom.
  13. But di men of Sodom wicked and dem be bad sinners  well-well—for Baba-God eyes.

Abram Move Go Hebron

14 . Naso Baba-God follow Abram tok afta Lot don komot  from am, “Carry your eyes go up and look from where you dey—face north, face south, east, plus  west.

15. All di land wey your eyes fit see nahin I go give you  and your pikin forever.

16. And I go make your pikin pleny like di dust of di earth, so dat if any man fit count di dust of di earth, naso dem go fit count your pikin sef.

17. Stand up make you waka for di land as e long reach, and as e wide reach, becos I go give am to you.”

18. So Abram move hin tent, con settle down near di holy  trees of Mamre for Hebron, and he build altar for Baba-God for there.


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