Genesis Chapter 14

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Abram Save Lot

  1. And e con happun for di days of king Amraphel of Shinar, Arioch wey be king of Ellasar, Chedorlaomer wey be King of Elam, and Tidal wey be di King of nations.
  2. Dis men start war wit Bera—wey be King of Sodom, and wit Birsha—wey be king of Gomorrah, Shinab— king of Admah, plus Shemeber wey be king of Zeboiim, and di king of Bela, wey be Zoar.
  3. All dis pipo join togeda to fight for bottom-of-di-mountain wey dem dey call Siddim wey be di Salt Sea.
  4. Dem serve Chedorlaomer for twelve years, and for di  thirteenth year, dem change-am-for am.
  5. Den for di fourteenth year, Chedorlaomer show wit di  kings wey dey wit am, and dem kill di Rephaims for Ashteroth Karnaim, and di Zuzims for Ham, plus di  Emims for Shaveh Kiriathaim,
  6. And di Horites for dia mountain Seir unto El-paran, wey dey near di desert.
  7. And dem come back to Enmishpat, wey be Kadesh— con kill everi pesin for di kontri of di Amalekites, plus  di Amorites wey dey stay for Hazezon—tamar.
  8. So di kings of Sodom, plus di king of Gomorrah, and  di king of Admah, plus di king of Zeboiim, and di king of Bela (di same na Zoar;)—dem join dia armies togeda to fight, for bottotm-of-di-mountain wey dem dey call Siddim—and dem start war against—
  9. Chedorlaomer wey be di king of Elam, and wit Tidal—king of  nations, plus Amraphel king of Shinar, and Arioch— king of Ellasar; four kings versus five.
  10. So bottotm-of-di-mountain wey dem dey call Siddim con full wit tar (bitumen) pit. Di kings of Sodom plus  Gomorrah run, and dem fall for there, and di pipo wey remain run go di mountain.
  11. Naso dem carry all di beta-beta-tins for Sodom and Gomorrah, even dia food, and dem komot.
  12. Dem carry Lot sef komot wit hin properties, Abram  broda pikin wey dey stay for Sodom.
  13. So one pesin wey escape con tell Abram di Hebrew; he dey stay for di smooth-land of Mamre di Amonite, broda of Eshcol, and broda of Aner, and all dis pipo get agreement wit Abraham.
  14. Wen Abram hear sey dem don carry hin broda as prisoner, he give weapon to hin servants wey he train—servants wey dem born for hin house, three hundred and eighteen, and dem pursue dem go Dan.
  15. He divide hinsef against dem—him and hin servants  for night, and dem kill dem, con pursue dem reach Hobah, wey dey for di north side of Damascus.
  16. And he carry all di properties come back, he still carry hin broda Lot, hin properties, hin women, plus  di pipo.

Melchizedek Bless Abra

m17. And di king of Sodom go out to meet am afta he come  back from killing for Chedorlaomer, and of di kings wey dey wit am, for bottotm-of-di-mountain wey dem dey call Shaveh (dis na di king valley).
18. And Melchizedek wey be di king of Salem, bring bread and wine, and he be priest of di most high God.

19. And he bless Abram, con tell am sey, “Blessings na for Abram of di most high God, di owner of heaven plus earth.

20. And blessings for di most high God, wey don put your enemies for your hand. Naso Abram give am tithe of  everitin.

21. So di king of Sodom yarn Abram sey, “Give me di pipo  and keep di properties for yoursef.”

22. Naso Abram tell di King of Sodom sey, “I don carry my  hand go up to Baba-God, di most high God wey get heaven plus earth,

sey I no go take inside wetin belong to you, even thread or rope of sandal, so dat you no go tok sey, “Na me make Abram rich.”

23. I no go collect anytin apart from wetin my men don chop, and di share wey belong to di men wey follow me—to Aner, Eshkol, plus Mamre. Make dem collect dia share.”


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