Genesis Chapter 15

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Abram Agreement

  1. Afta dis tins, Baba-God word meet Abram for vision, sey, “No dey fear, Abram: na me be your guard, plus your big-big gain.”
  2. Abram con tok sey, “Baba-God, wetin you go give me, as you see sey I no get pikin so, and na Eliezer of Damascus go con claim my properties?”
  3. Naso Abram tok sey, “See, you neva give me any pikin, so na servant wey dey for my house go claim my properties.”
  4. So Baba-God word come meet am sey, “Dis man no go  be di pesin wey go claim your properties, but e go be your sons, wey be your own flesh and blood, nahin go claim your properties.”
  5. He carry am go outside, con tok sey, “Look up for sky, make you count di stars—if you no fit true-true count dem, naso your pikin sef go be.”
  6. So he believe Baba-God, and Baba-God count am for  am as pure-heart.
  7. Baba-God con tell am sey, “Na me be di God wey carry you komot from Ur of di Chaldeans, to give you dis land  as your property.”
  8. So Abram tok sey, “Almighty God, how I go take know sey e go belong to me?”
  9. Naso Baba-God tell am sey, “Carry malu come, plus goat, and ram—and make dem be three years old, wit  dove plus small pigeon.”
  10. Abram carry di animals come meet Baba-God, he cut dem in two two, con put di two half side opposite  demsef, but he no cut di birds.
  11. Naso di birds of di sky come down for di deadbody, Abram pursue dem komot.
  12. So wen di sun start to dey go down, Abram con start  to dey sleep deep, naso fear plus serious darkness cover am.
  13. Baba-God con yarn am sey, “Your pikin-pikin-pikin go be stranger [jjc] for foreign land; dem go be slaves for there, and dem go do dem any how for four hundred years.
  14. And I go judge di nation wey dem go serve sef, and  lata, dem go come out wit plenty beta-beta-tins.
  15. And you go go meet your ancestors in peace; dem go  bury you wen you don old well-well.
  16. But di fourth generation nahin go come back here to  dis land, becos I no go pursue di Amorites until dia sins dey enuff for me to scata dem.
  17. E con happun sey wen di sun go down, and darkness con dey, one faya pot wit smoke and stick of faya just show-face, con pass between di pieces of di animals.
  18. On di same day, Baba-God make agreement wit Abram sey, “I don give your pikin dis land, from di  river of Egypt reach di great river, di river of Euphrates:
  19. Di Kenites, plus di Kenizzites and di Kadmonites,
  20. And di Hittites, plus di Perizzites, and di Rephaims,
  21. And di Amonites, plus di Cannanites, and di Girgashites, and di Jebusites.


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