Genesis Chapter 16

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Hagar plus Ishmael

  1. Now Sarai wey be Abram wife no fit born pikin for  am, and she get one house-girl, Egyptian girl wey her name na Hagar.
  2. So Sarai tell her husband sey, “See now, Baba-God no gree let me carry belle, abeg go meet my house-girl; e fit be sey I go get pikin from her. So Abram listen to di voice of Sarai.
  3. So Sarai, Abram wife carry Hagar—her house girl wey be Egpytian give her husband Abram so dat e go  marry her—dis na afta Abram don stay for di land for  ten years.
  4. Abram sleep wit her, so she carry belle, and wen she  see sey she don get-belle, she con dey feel-big, and she do Sarai anyhow.
  5. So Sarai con tell Abram sey, “Na your fault sey Hagar dey do me anyhow: I don give you my house-girl, and  wen she see sey she don get-belle, she con dey hate me: make Baba-God judge between you and me.
  6. But Abram tell Sarai sey, “See, na you dey control your house-girl, do her anytin wey you want. So wen  Sarai treat her wit strong hand, naso she run komot.
  7. So Baba-God angel see her near one water wey dey flow for desert for di road to Shur.
  8. Di angel con yarn her sey, “Hagar—Sarai house-girl, where you dey come from? And where you dey go?” So she tok sey, “I dey run from my madam—Sarai.”
  9. Naso Baba-God angel tell her sey, “Go back to your  madam, make you dey under her control.”
  10. Baba-God angel con tok sey, “I go make your pikin  plenty well-well, sote dem no go fit count dem.
  11. You dey wit pikin and you go born baby-boy. And you  go call hin name Ishmael, becos Baba-God don hear your suffer-head.
  12. He go be wild man, hin hand go dey against everi man, and everi man hand go dey against am; and he  go live wit badbelle for all hin brodas.
  13. Hagar tok sey, “I don see Baba-God and I still dey alive for here.” So she call Baba-God name, wey follow her tok, ‘Baba-God, wey dey see me.’
  14. Nahin make pipo dey call di well between Kadesh and Bered, “Beer-Lahai-Roi” [wey mean, “Di Well of di Living One Wey Dey See Me.”]
  15. So Hagar born baby-boy for Abram, and Abram call di  son name wey Hagar born for am—Ishmael.
  16. Abraham na eighty-six years old dat time wen Hagar  born Ishmael for am.


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