Genesis Chapter 17

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Circumcision Na Di Sign Of Di Agreement

  1. And wen Abram be ninety-nine years, Baba-God show-face to Abram, con tell am sey, “Na me be di God  wey be Oga kpatakpata, waka for my front [wit pure heart], and make you dey perfect.
  2. I go make my agreement between you and me, and I  go make everitin wey you get plenty well-well.”
  3. Abram bow down, and Baba-God con tell am sey,
  4. “See, as for me, my agreement dey wit you, and you  go be papa of plenty nations.
  5. Your name no go be Abram again, but I don change your name to Abraham, becos I don make you to be di fada of plenty nations.
  6. I go make you produce plenty-plenty fruit, and I go  make nations come from inside you, and kings go  come from inside you.
  7. I go stand my agreement between me and you, your pikin plus dia generations—wit agreement wey dey last forever—to be your God and God for your pikin.
  8. I go give you and di pikin afta you—di land wey you be jjc [stranger] now, all di land of Canaan go be your own—forever and ever, and I go be dia God.”
  9. Naso Baba-God tell Abraham sey, “You go keep my agreement, and your pikin sef—for dia generation.
  10. Na dis be my agreement wey you go keep, between me and you and your pikin afta you. Everi boy must circumcise.
  11. Circumcise everi man wey dey among you, e go be sign of di agreement between me and you.
  12. And make una circumcise dem wey be eight days old, everi man-pikin for your generations, di one wey  dem born for your house, or wey dem buy wit moni from any stranger, wey no be your pikin.
  13. Di one wey dem born for your house or di one wey  dem buy wit moni—dem must need to circumcise dem, and my agreement go dey for your flesh for everlasting agreement.”
  14. And di man pikin wey neva circumcise—dat pesin go cut komot from hin pipo; he no gree keep  my agreement.”
  15. Naso Baba-God tell Abraham sey, “As for Sarai—your  wife, make you no call her Sarai again, but na Sarah  her name go be.
  16. And I go bless her, con give una baby-boy. Yes, I go bless her, and she go be mama of nations, kings wey  go lead pipo go come from her.”
  17. Naso Abraham bow down, dey laff, con tok for inside  hin heart sey, “Pesin wey be hundred years fit born pikin, and Sarah wey be ninety years old fit carry-belle?”
  18. Abraham con tell Baba-God sey, “Oh, make Ishmael  dey for your front!”
  19. So Baba-God tok sey, “Sarah—your wife go true-true born baby-boy, and you go call hin name Isaac, and I  go stand my agreement wit am for everlasting agreement, and wit hin pikin wey go dey afta am.
  20. As for Ishmael, I don hear you. See, I don bless am, and I go make am produce plenty fruits, and I go make am plenty well-well. He go born twelve princes, and I go make am be great nation.
  21. But I go stand my agreement wit Isaac—wey Sarah go  born for you wen di time don reach next year.”
  22. So Baba-God follow Abraham tok finish, Baba-God  con move komot from Abraham.
  23. So Abraham carry Ishmael, and all di pikin wey dem  born for hin house, or di ones wey he buy wit moni, con circumcise all di men wey dey for hin house di same day wey Baba-God follow am tok.
  24. Abraham na ninety-nine years old wen he circumcise.
  25. And Ishmael hin pikin na thirteen years old wen he  circumcise am.
  26. Di same day nahin Abraham and hin son Ishmael  circumcise.
  27. So all di men wey dey for hin house, wey dem born for hin house, and wey dem buy wit moni from foreigner—con circumcise wit am.


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