Genesis Chapter 18

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Di Promise of Baby-boy

16. So di men get up from there, con face Sodom: and Abraham escort dem.

  1. Baba-God show-face to Abraham for di smooth-land of Mamre. He sidon for di doormot of di house wen di  day dey hot.
  2. So he carry hin eyes up, con see three men stand near am. Wen he see dem, he run go meet dem from di doormot of hin house, con bow face ground,
  3. He con tok sey, “My Oga, if true-true I don see favour for una eyes, make una no just pass komot from me una  servant—I dey beg una.
  4. Abeg make I fetch small water make una fit wash una legs, con rest small for under di tree:
  5. And I go go carry small bread come so dat una go fit calm down una heart, and afta dat, una fit dey go, becos una don meet una servant.” So dem con tok sey, “Oya do as you don tok.”
  6. So Abraham rush enta di house go meet Sarah, con tok sey, “Abeg do sharp-sharp take some of your best flour, mix am, con bake some cake.”
  7. So Abraham rush go where hin animals dey, con  carry one small fat malu. He carry am give hin servant make he prepare am.
  8. He carry butter plus milk, plus di malu wey he don prepare, con set am for dem for under di tree, and  dem con chop am.
  9. Naso dem ask am sey, “Where your wife Sarah?” So he ansa dem, “She dey inside house.”
  10. He con toks sey, “I go surely come back come meet you around dis time next year, and see, Sarah wey be your wife go born baby-boy.” So Sarah hear wetin he  tok from back of di door of di house.
  11. Now Abraham and Sarah don old, and dem don old well-well and Sarah don stop to dey see her period.
  12. So Sarah laff for her mind, con tok sey, “Now wey I  don old and my body don weak, I fit still flex body? Apart from dat, my husband don old sef.”
  13. Di oga con ask Abraham, “Why Sarah con dey laff—dey tok sey, ‘I go true-true born pikin wen I don old?
  14. Abi anytin dey wey too hard for Baba-God to do? Wen di time don set, I go come meet you, based-on di time of life, and Sarah go born baby-boy.”
  15. Naso Sarah deny am sey she no laff; becos she bin dey  fear. But he tok sey, “No, but you laff.” Abraham Beg For Sodom
  16. So di men get up from there, con face Sodom: and Abraham escort dem.
  17. Naso Baba-God tok sey, “Abi I fit hide anytin wey I  wan do from Abraham,
  18. as I don see sey Abraham go surely turn to ogbonge nation, and all di nations of di earth go get blessings wit am?
  19. I don choose am, to teach hin full house and hin pikin  afta am, so dat dem go keep di way of Baba-God—to do di right tins and justice, so dat Baba-God go give Abraham—di tin wey he don promise am.”
  20. And Baba-God tok sey, “Becos di cry of Sodom and Gomorrah plenty, and becos dia sins bad well-well.
  21. I go go down now, to see whether di tins wey dem dey  tok about Sodom na true. And if not, I go know.”
  22. So di men turn face Sodom, con move go, but Baba- God dey wit Abraham.
  23. So Abraham move near, con tok sey, “You go scata di  good pipo wit di wicked pipo?”
  24. Fifty good pipo fit dey for di city, abi you go still scata  tins, and you no go free di city becos of di fifty good  pipo wey dey for there?
  25. You no go fit do like dis, to scata good pipo wit wicked  pipo, and make good pipo con be like wicked pipo, you no go fit do like dat. Abi di judge of di full earth  no go do di right tin?”
  26. Baba-God con tok sey, “If I see fifty good pipo inside di  city, I go free di city becos of dem.”
  27. So Abraham ansa sey, “See now, I don get full-mind follow Baba-God tok—even if I just be dust plus ashes:
  28. What if five among di fifty good pipo no con dey, abi  you go still scata di city becos of those five pipo?” Baba-God con tok sey, “If I fit fyne forty five good pipo, I no go scata di city.”
  29. He still tok sey, “Maybe forty good pipo go dey—I no  go scata dem becos of di forty dem.”
  30. Naso Abraham tok sey, “Abeg Oga, make you no vex— what if na only thirty pipo con dey?” Di Oga con tok sey, “I no go scata am if I see thirty pipo for there.”
  31. So Abraham tok sey, “See, I don carry dis mata for head to follow di Oga yarn: Maybe na only twenty pipo wey get clean-heart go dey for there.” He con tok sey, “I no go scata di city becos of twenty pipo wey get  clean-heart.”
  32. Abraham con still tok sey, “Chai, make you no vex Oga, but I go yarn only dis last time. Maybe na only ten pipo wey get clean-heart dey for there.” Naso he tok sey, “I no go scata di city becos of ten pipo wey get  clean-heart.”
  33. So di Oga go hin way as he follow Abraham tok finish. And Abraham go back to hin house.


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