Genesis Chapter 19

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Baba-God Scata Sodom plus Gomorrah

  1. Naso two angels just show-face for evening. Lot sidon  for di gate of Sodom. As Lot see dem, he stand up go meet dem; and he bow down face ground.
  2. He tell dem sey, “See, my Oga, I dey beg una, make una come stay for una servant house, make una dey tru-out di night, make una wash una leg, and una go  wake for early mor-mor, con dey go una way.” And dem tok sey, “No, we go dey for street tru-out di night.”
  3. So Lot disturb dem well-well, so dem con follow am  enta hin house. He make food for dem. He make bread for dem wey no get yeast, and dem chop.
  4. But before dem sleep, di men of di city, even di men of  Sodom con round di house, both small and old. All di pipo from everi corner.
  5. So dem call Lot, con follow am tok sey, “Where di men  wey come meet you dis night? Carry dem come out make we sleep wit dem.”
  6. So Lot go outside di door, con lock di door.
  7. Naso he tok sey, “I dey beg una guys, make una no dey  wicked.
  8. See, I get two daughters wey be virgin. I dey beg una, make I carry dem come out make una do dem anytin wey una feel sey dey good for una eyes. But make una  no try to do anytin wit dis men becos dem dey stay for  my house.”
  9. So dem con tok sey, “Komot from awa way, you dis foreigner! Who you be to tell us wetin to do? Komot from awa way or we go do you sometin wey bad pass  wetin we go do dem.” Dem push Lot go back, con move go up to break di door.
  10. But di men drag Lot enta di house, con close di door.
  11. And di angels turn di men wey dey for di door of di house to blind pipo, both small and big—sote dem con  dey fyne dia wey to komot from di door.
  12. So di men tell Lot sey, “You get oda pipo apart from you?—son in law, and your sons, plus your daughters, and anytin wey you get for di city, carry dem komot from dis place.
  13. We go scata dis place, becos dia cry don reach Baba-God face, and Baba-God don send us to scata am.”
  14. So Lot komot, con tell all hin son-in-law wey marry hin daughters, con tok sey, “Make una stand up, make  we komot from dis city becos Baba-God go scata dis city.” But he con be like sey he dey whyne dem.
  15. And wen morning reach, di angels ginger Lot sey, “Stand up, carry your wife, and your two daughters wey dey for here, unless una go kpeme inside di sin of di city.
  16. As he dey do smesme, naso di angels hold hin hand, hin wife hand, and hin two daughters hand; and as Baba-God sorry-for am, dem carry am komot from di  city.
  17. E con happun sey as di angels don carry dem komot, di angels con tell dem sey, “Escape for una life, make una no look back, no stay for di smooth-land, escape go di mountain or una go kpeme.”
  18. Naso Lot tell dem sey, “Oh, abeg no let us do dat kain  tin:
  19. Now your servant don see favour for una eyes, and una don sorry-for me well-well as una save my life, and I no fit escape go di mountain or else some evil fit  meet me and I go kpeme.
  20. See, dis city dey near to run go, and na small city. Oh make I escape go there, [abi no be small city?] and my  soul go stay for there.”
  21. Di angel con tell am sey, “See, I don accept you, I no go  scata dat city wey you tok about.
  22. Sharp-sharp! Run quick-quick, becos I no fit do anytin until you reach there.” [Nahin make dem call di town  Zoar.]
  23. Di sun dey rise for di earth wen Lot enta Zoar.
  24. So Baba-God send faya from heaven like rain, wit  sulfur wey dey burn—on Sodom plus Gomorrah.
  25. And he overthrow di cities, and di smooth-land, plus all di pipo wey dey stay for di cities, plus everitin wey dey grow for di ground.
  26. But hin wife con look back, naso she take turn to  pillar of salt.
  27. So Abraham stand up for early mor-mor go di place  where he take meet Baba-God.
  28. Naso he look Sodom and Gomorrah side plus di smooth-land, he con see di smoke for di kontri as e  dey go up like big faya.
  29. E happun sey as Baba-God scata di cities of di smooth-land, he remember Abraham, con allow Lot escape from di city wey don scata, wen he take over di city wey Lot bin dey stay.

Sex Inside Family

30. So Lot komot from Zoar, con stay for di mountains, and hin two daughters dey wit am, becos he fear to stay for Zoar, so him and hin two daughters stay for  inside rock.

31. So di first daughter con tell di junior one sey, “Awa papa don old, and no man dey here to marry us so dat  we go fit get pikin.

32. Come make we give awa papa ogogoro, and we go sleep wit am, so dat we go fit save di blood of awa papa.”

33. And dem make dia papa drink ogogoro dat night, so  di first born go inside, con sleep wit her papa, and he no even know wen she lie down and wen she komot.

34. E con happun sey for morning, di first born yarn di  junior one sey, “See, I sleep wit awa papa last night, make we make am drink ogogoro dis night sef, and you go go meet am to sleep wit am, so dat we go fit save di seed of awa papa.”

35. So dem make dia papa drink ogogoro dat night sef. Di junior one stand up con go sleep wit dia papa, and he no know wen she enta and wen she komot.

37. Naso di two girls carry-belle for dia papa.

38. And di firstborn con born her pikin, and she con call di boy name Moab: nahin be di papa of di Moabites reach today.

39. Di junior one sef born her pikin, con call hin name Benammi: and nahin be di papa of di pikins of Ammon till today.


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