Genesis Chapter 22

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Baba-God Test Abraham

  1. And e happun sey afta dis tins, Baba-God test Abraham, con tell am sey, “Abraham!” So Abraham ansa, “See me for here.”
  2. Baba-God con tok sey, “Carry your son, your only son—Isaac, wey you love, and make you go di land of Moriah, and make you offer Isaac for there, as burnt  offering, for one of di mountains wey I go tell you.”
  3. So Abraham stand up for early mor-mor, con move wit hin donkey. He carry two of hin young men follow-body, plus Isaac hin pikin, and he carry di wood for di sacrifice. He stand up, con dey go di place where  Baba-God don tell am.
  4. On di third day, Abraham carry hin eyes go up, con  see di place for far-far.
  5. So Abraham tell di young men sey, “Stay here wit dis donkey, and me and di pikin go go front go worship Baba-God, con come back to meet una.”
  6. Naso Abraham carry di wood for di burnt offering, con put am on top of Isaac hin son head. He carry faya for hin hand plus knife, and di two of dem con  dey go.
  7. Isaac con follow hin papa Abraham tok sey, “Papa.” Abraham ansa am, “I dey here my pikin.” Naso Isaac  tok sey, “See, faya and wood don dey, but where di animal for di burnt offering?”
  8. Naso Abraham toks sey, “Baba-God go bring animal  for hinsef for di sacrifice.” So di two of dem con dey carry-go.
  9. So dem reach one place wey Baba-God tell Abraham,  naso Abraham build one altar for there, he tie Isaac hin pikin, con carry am put on top of di altar of di woods.
  10. Naso Abraham carry di knife to kill hin pikin.
  11. And Baba-God angel call am from heaven, con tell am  sey, “Abraham! Abraham!” Abraham ansa am, “I dey for here.”
  12. Baba-God con tok sey, “Make you no kill your pikin, and no do anytin to am, becos now I don know sey you dey fear Baba-God, as I see sey you no hold your  only son back from Me.”
  13. Abraham raise hin head go up con look, and one ram  dey for hin back wey e horn don hook for tree. So Abraham go carry di ram, con sacrifice am to Baba-God as burnt offering—instead of hin son.
  14. And Abraham call di name of di place—‘Baba-God dey give.’ And even today, pipo dey tok sey, “Baba-God dey  provide on top hin mountain.”
  15. And Baba-God angel call Abraham from heaven di  second time,
  16. con tok sey, “Baba-God tok sey, ‘I don swear by mysef, becos you don do dis tin, and you no keep your son from me—your only son:
  17. Sey if na for blessing—I go bless you, and if na to make you plenty—I go make your pikin plenty like di  stars wey dey for heaven, and like di sand-sand wey  dey for beach, and your pikin to take over dia enemies gate.
  18. Na from inside your pikin all di nations of di earth go  take get blessings—becos you obey my voice.”
  19. So Abraham go back to meet hin young men, and dem stand up con go back togeda to Beer-sheba. And Abraham stay for Beer-sheba.

Nahor Family


And e con happun afta dis tins, sey dem tell Abraham, “Milcah don born pikin for your broda—Nahor.
21. Huz—hin first born, and Buz—hin broda, plus Kemuel—di papa of Aram.

22. Plus Chesed, and Hazo, plus Phildash, and Jidlaph, plus Bethuel.

23. And Bethuel con born Rebekah: Na eight pikin Milcha born for Nahor—Abraham broda.

24. Plus hin side-chick wey her name na: Reumah. She born Tebah plus Gaham, and Thahash, and Maachan.


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