Genesis Chapter 23

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As Sarah Take Kpeme

  1. Sarah na one hundrend and twenty seven years old, na dis be di years of Sarah life.
  2. So Sarah kpeme for Kirijath-arba; (wey dem dey call di  land of Hebron now), for di land of Canaan; and Abraham cry for Sarah, and water komot from  hin eyes becos of her.
  3. Naso Abraham leave hin wife deadbody, con follow di  sons of Heth tok sey,
  4. “I be stranger [jjc] and traveler wit una, give me land for una place, place for burial-ground, so dat I go fit bury my dead for  coded place.
  5. And di pikin of Heth con ansa Abraham sey,
  6. “Hear us my Oga: you be ogbonge prince among us, bury your wife for di best grave wey we get. Any of us go dey happy to give you grave, so dat you go fit bury her  put.”
  7. So Abraham stand up, con bow hin head to di pipo of  di land and all di pikin of Heth.
  8. He con reason wit dem sey, “If e come from una mind  make I bury my dead for here, abeg ask Ephron wey be din son of Zohar,
  9. make he sell inside di rock wey dey near di corner of  hin land. Tell am make he sell am for me for di full price, so dat e go belong to me as my burial-ground amoung una.”
  10. So Ephron dey among di pikins of Heth: and Ephron di Hittite ansa Abraham for front of all di sons of Heth  sey, even for front of all of dem wey go di gate of di city,
  11. “Listen oga, I go give you di whole land plus inside di rock wey dey for di land. I go give am to you, for front of my own pipo—so dat you go fit bury your wife.”
  12. Abraham bow down for front of di pipo of di  land.
  13. And he follow Ephron yarn for front of di pipo of di land—sey, “But if you go give am, I dey beg you, hear  me: I go give you moni for di land, collect am from me, and I go bury my dead for there.”
  14. Ephron con ansa Abraham sey,
  15. “My Oga, hear my voice: di land na four hundred silver coins—wetin con be dat one between us? Bury your wife for di land.”
  16. So Abraham hear Ephron word, he weigh di silver  wey Ephron ask for [he count di moni], for front of all di pikin of Heth—four hundred silver coins—based-on di standard weight wey market-pipo dey use.
  17. And di land of Ephron wey dey for Machpelah, wey dey before Mamre, di land, and inside-di-rock wey dey for there, plus all di trees wey dey for di land— wey dey for all di borders round am—dem mark am
  18. for Abraham as hin property for front of all di pikin of Heth, and for front of all of dem wey follow go di  gate of di city.
  19. And afta dis, Abraham bury Sarah hin wife for inside-di-rock for di land of Machpelah wey dey before Mamre: na di same wit di land of Hebron for di land of Canaan.
  20. So di sons of Heth mark di land, plus di rocks for Abraham, as hin property for burial-ground.


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