Genesis Chapter 26

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Isaac Move Go Gerar

  1. Hunger con dey for di land, apart from di first hunger wey bin show-face for di days of Abraham. So Isaac go meet Abimelech—king of di Philistine for Gerar.
  2. And Baba-God show-face to am, con tell am sey, “No  go Egypt, stay for di land wey I tell you about.
  3. Travel for di land and I go dey wit you, and I go bless  you, to you and to your pikin—nahin I go give all dis  kontris. I go do di promise wey I swear to Abraham your papa.
  4. I go make your pikin plenty like di stars for heaven, I go give your pikin all dis kontris, and from

inside your pikin nahin all di nations of di world go  get blessings;

5. Becos Abraham obey my voice, and he obey wetin I tell am, my words, my laws and he follow my ways.”

6. So Isaac stay for Gerar;

7. Naso di men for di area ask am about hin wife, and he  ansa dem sey, “She be my sista.” Becos he dey fear to tok sey, “She be my wife, becos he tink sey di men for dat place go kill am becos of Rebekah, becos she too fine to look for eyes.

8. E con happun sey wen he don stay for there tey well- well, Abimelech—di king of Philistines look outside from hin window, he con see Issac dey touch-touch Rebekah.

9. So Abimelech call Isaac, con tok sey, “True-true, dis woman na your wife: why you con tok sey she be your sista?” Isaac con tell am sey, “Becos I dey fear sey  make I no go kpeme becos of her.”

Abimelech con tok sey, “Wetin be dis wey you don do  to us? One of di pipo fit don sleep wit your wife and you for don bring evil put for awa head.”

11. Abimelech con tell all hin pipo sey, “Any pesin wey  touch dis man or hin wife—we go surely kill dat pesin.”

12. Naso Isaac plant for dat land and he harvest one hundred times of wetin hin plant—dat same year, and Baba-God bless am.

13. So di man con be ogbonge man, tins con dey beta for am more-more, he  grow sote he con turn to big-man.

14. He get properties of plenty animals, plenty-plenty malu, plus plenty servants—sote di Philistines con dey jealous am.

15. All di well wey Abraham hin papa servants dig for di days of Abraham hin papa—di Philistine stop dem, con pour sand-sand full di well.

16. So Abimelech yarn Isaac sey, “Komot from us, becos  you too strong pass us.”

17. So Isaac komot from there, con go build hin house for bottom-of-di-mountain of Gerar, and he stay for there.

18. And again, Isaac servant dig well, wey dem bin dig for di days of Abraham hin papa; di Philistines bin stop dem afta di death of Abraham: and he name dem based-on di names wey he papa bin give dem.

Isaac servant dig for bottom-of-di-mountain, con see  water wey dey flow well-well.

20. Naso di men wey dey train malu for Gerar, con dey kwanta wit di men wey dey train Isaac malu, and dem tok sey, “Na we get di water.” And  Isaac call di name of di place, “Esek,” becos dem kwanta wit am for there.

21. He dig anoda well, but dem still follow am drag am, and he call di name of di place, “Sitnah.”

22 . He komot from there, con dig anoda well, but dem no kwanta wit am for dis one, so he call di name of di place “Rehoboth.” He con tok sey, “For now, Baba-God don make space for us and we go produce for di land.

23. And he komot from there, go Beer-sheba.

24. Naso Baba-God show-face to am dat same night, con  yarn am sey, “Na me be di God of Abraham your papa: no let your mind cut becos I dey wit you, and I go bless you, con make your pikin plenty becos of Abraham my servant.”

25. So he build one altar for there, and he call Baba-God name, con settle down for there: and Isaac servant dig well for there.

Isaac make Agreement Wit Abimelech


So Abimelech go meet am from Gerar, wit Ahuzzath wey be one of hin padi, plus Phichol—di chief captain of hin army.

27. Isaac con tell dem sey, “Why una dey come meet me  as una don show sey una hate me? And una don pursue me komot.”

28. Dem con tok sey, “We true-true see sey Baba-God dey  wit you, so we tok sey, make we swear to awasef, and make we make agreement wit you;

29. Sey you no go wound us as we neva wound you, and as we don only do you good; we don tok sey  make you dey go in peace: now Baba-God don bless you.”

30. He con throw party for dem, and dem chop, con drink.

31. So dem stand up sharp-sharp for early mor-mor, con swear to demsef: so Isaac escort dem, and dem komot  from am wit peace.

32. E con happun sey di same day, Isaac servant come meet am to tell am about di well wey dem bin dig, con  tell am sey, “We don see water.”

33. And he call am ‘Sheba’: so di name of di city na Beer- sheba reach today.

34. Esau na forty year old wen he marry hin wife Judith, di  daughter of Beeri—di Hittite, and Bashemath—di daughter of Elon di Hittite.

But Esau wives con dey cos wahala for Issac plus  Rebekah.


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