Genesis Chapter 27

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Jacob Tiff Isaac Blessing

  1. E con happun sey wen Isaac don old, and hin eyes don dey close—sote he no fit see, he con call Esau hin  oldest son,
  2. he tell am sey, “My son, see, now I don dey old and I no know di day wen I go die.
  3. Now abeg carry your weapon, your bag-of-arrow, plus  your bow, and make you enta bush to kill bush-meat.
  4. Make sweet meat for me, di type wey I like, and make you serve am come give me so dat I go chop, and so dat my soul go bless you before I kpeme.”
  5. Rebekah hear wen Isaac dey tok to Esau hin son. So  wen Issac komot go hunt animal,
  6. naso Rebekah go tell Jacob her son sey, “See, I don  hear as your papa dey tell Esau your broda sey,
  7. “Bring bush-meat for me, con make sweet food for me, den I go bless you for Baba-God front before I kpeme.
  8. Now my pikin, obey my voice based-on wetin I tell you.
  9. Go where di animals dey now, make you carry two small goats, and I go epp you make correct food for your  papa—di type wey he dey like.
  10. you go carry am give your papa make he chop , so dat he go bless you before he kpeme.”
  11. So Jacob tell hin mama Rebekah sey, “See, Esau my broda na man wey get hair for hin body, and my body smooth.
  12. Maybe my papa go put hand for my body to feel am, and I go be like wayo man to am, naso I go take put  curse for my head instead of blessing.
  13. So hin mama tell am sey, “Make your curse dey for my head, my son, just obey my voice, and make you go carry dem come.”
  14. So he komot go carry di small goats come for hin mama, and hin mama make correct food—di type  wey hin papa like.
  15. Naso she carry di clothes wey Esau like well-well, wey dey for house wit her, and she wear am for her junior son Jacob.
  16. She put di skin of di small goat for hin hand, and for  hin neck.
  17. Naso she give di sweet food plus di meat wey she don arrange to her pikin Jacob.
  18. So Jacob go meet hin papa, con tok sey, “My papa.” So he ansa am, “Na me dey here, who be dis my son?”
  19. Jacob con ansa hin papa sey, “Na me be Esau your firstborn, I don do wetin you wan make I do, stand  up abeg, make you chop my bush-meat, so dat your  soul fit bless me.”
  20. So Isaac tell hin son sey, “How e con be sey you do sharp-sharp to catch bush-meat my son?” and Isaac tok  sey, “Becos Baba-God awa oga nahin bring am give me.”
  21. So Isaac tell Jacob sey, “Abeg shift near me so dat I go feel you my pikin, whether you true-true be my pikin Esau—or not.”
  22. So Jacob shift go meet Isaac hin papa, and Issac feel am, con tok sey, “Di voice na Jacob voice but di hand  na Esau hand.”
  23. But he no fit notice am becos of hin hand wey get hair like hin broda Esau hand: so he bless am.
  24. He con tok sey, “Na you true-true be my son Esau?” Isaac con tok sey, “Yes na me.”
  25. Naso Isaac tok sey, “Carry am near me make I chop  my pikin meat, so dat my soul go bless you.” So Issac  carry am near am, and he con chop, and he carry wine come, and Isaac drink am sef.
  26. So hin papa Isaac con tell am sey, “Come near me  now, and kiss me my son.”
  27. Naso Jacob shift near am, con kiss am, and he smell di scent of hin cloth, con bless am, and he tok sey, “See, di smell of my pikin be like di smell of land wey Baba-God don bless.
  28. Make Baba-God give you di dews of heaven, plus di beta-beta-tins wey dey for dis earth—and plenty food plus fresh wine.
  29. Make nations serve you, and make nations bow down  for you, make you be your broda oga, and make your  mama pikin bow down for you. Curse go dey on any pesin wey curse you, and any pesin wey bless you go get blessings.”
  30. E con happun sey as Isaac just bless Jacob finish, and Jacob just komot from di front of Isaac hin papa, naso  Esau hin broda just show from hin hunting.
  31. Hinsef con make sweet food, so he carry am go give  hin papa, con tok sey, “Make my papa stand up to chop hin pikin meat, so dat your soul go bless me.”
  32. So Isaac hin papa tell am sey, “Who be dat?” Naso Esau tok sey, “Na me be your pikin, your first born Esau.”
  33. Isaac shock well-well, and he tok sey, “Who? Who  be dat wey first carry bush-meat come give me? I don chop everitin before you show-face, and I don bless am? Yes, and na blessings go true-true follow am.”
  34. Wen Esau hear di voice of hin papa, he con dey cry wit seriousness, he tell hin papa sey, “Bless me, bless me sef papa.”
  35. He papa tok sey, “Your broda don use style show-face for here, and he don carry your blessing.”
  36. Naso Esau tok sey, “Na dis be di second time wey he dey play me wayo, nahin make hin name be Jacob. He  tiff my right as firstborn, and now he don tiff my blessings. Abi you no keep any blessing for me?”
  37. Isaac ansa am sey, “See, I don make am be your oga, and I don tok sey all hin brodas go serve am. I don give am plenty-plenty corn plus new wine. Wetin remain wey I fit do for you now my pikin?”
  38. Esau tell hin papa sey, “Na only one blessing you  get papa? Bless me, even mesef, oh my papa.” Esau con dey raise hin voice dey cry.
  39. And Isaac hin papa ansa am, con yarn am sey, “See, your land go be from di rich land of di earth, and rain go shower your land from heaven.”
  40. You go live by di sword, and you go serve your broda. But e go happun sey wen you shake body, you go komot your broda load from your neck.”

Jacob Run From Esau

41. Esau con hate Jacob becos of di blessings wey hin papa bless am. Naso Esau tok sey, “I go soon mourn  my papa, den I go con kill my broda Jacob.

42. Rebekah con hear wetin Esau tok, so she send for Jacob her junior son, con tell am sey, “See,your broda  wan revenge by planning to kill you,

43. So my son, I want make you obey wetin I dey tell you, stand up make you run go meet my broda Laban for Haran.

44. Stay there wit am for some days until your broda don  vex finish—

45. until your broda vex don turn komot from you and he  forget wetin you don do to am. Den I go send message  make dem bring you from there. Why I go lose di two  of una di same day?”

46. Rebekah con tell Isaac sey, “I dey fear my life becos of di daughters of Heth: If Jacob take wife from di daughters of Heth like dis ones wey be di daughters of  di land, which beta tin go con dey for my life?”


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