Genesis Chapter 29

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Jacob Meet Rachel

  1. So Jacob con dey go, he reach di land of di pipo of di  east.
  2. He look, he con see well for one one land, and he see groups of sheep dey lie down for there. Na di well  dem take dey give di sheep water to drink, but one big stone cover di mouth of di well.
  3. Wen all di sheep don gada for there, di shepherds go  roll di stone komot from di mouth of di well, con give  di sheep water. Naso dem go roll di stone back for  di mouth of di well.
  4. Jacob con ask dem sey, “Where una come from?” Naso  dem tell am sey, “We be from Haran.”
  5. Naso he tell dem sey, “Una know Laban—di son of  Nahor?” Dem con ansa am, “Yes we know am.”
  6. So he ask dem sey, “He dey alright?” Dem ansa am sey, “Yes, he dey kamkpe.” Naso Rachel hin daughter con dey come out wit  sheep.
  7. He con tok sey, “Di day neva go far and time neva reach wey dem go gada di malu togeda, give di sheep  water and make you go feed dem.”
  8. Dem tok sey, “We no fit, until all di animals don  gada togeda, and until dem roll di stone komot from di mouth of di well, den we go fit give di sheep water.”
  9. As he still dey follow dem tok, Rachel just show wit  her papa sheep—na she dey take care of dem.
  10. E con happun sey as Jacob just see Rachel—di daughter of Laban, hin mama broda, wit di sheep of  Laban, Jacob waka go near dem, he roll di stone komot from di mouth of di well, con give water to  Laban sheep—Laban wey be hin mama broda [hin uncle].
  11. Jacob con kiss Rachel, and he raise hin voice—dey cry.
  12. Naso Jacob tell Rachel sey he be her papa broda, and  sey he be Rebekah pikin. So she run go tell her papa.
  13. E con happun sey wen Laban hear di news about hin  sista pikin Jacob, he run go outside to meet am. He hug am con kiss am, he carry am enta hin house, where Jacob take yarn am everitin wey happun.
  14. Laban con tell am sey, “Surely you be my bone and  my flesh.” And Jacob stay wit am for one month.

Jacob Marry Leah Plus Rachel


So Laban tell Jacob sey, “Becos you be my sista pikin, abi you go con serve me for notin? Tell me, how much  you go dey collect?”
16. Laban get two daughters. Di name of di senior one na  Leah, and di name of di junior one na Rachel.

17. Leah eyes dull but Rachel fine well-well wit fine eyes.

18. And Jacob love Rachel, so he tok sey, “I go serve you for seven years so dat I go fit marry your junior daughter—Rachel.”

19. So Laban tok sey, “E beta make I give her to you, dan  to give her to anoda man. Dey wit me.”

20. So Jacob serve for seven years for Rachel; and e just be like sey na only some days for am—becos of di love  wey he get for her.

21. Jacob con tell Laban sey, “Give me my wife becos my  days don complete, so dat I go fit take her.”

22. So Laban gada all di men togeda for one place, con  throw party.

23. E con happun sey for evening, he carry Leah hin daughter, con give her to Jacob, and Jacob con enta  her.

24. And Laban give hin daughter Leah—Zilpah wey be  hin house-girl.

25. For morning, Jacob con see sey na Leah; naso he tell  Laban sey, “Wetin be dis tin wey you don do to me, abi I no serve you becos of Rachel? Why you con do  me ojoro?

Laban con tok sey, “We no dey give di junior one  before di firstborn, for awa kontri.”

27. Wait until di marriage celebration week don finish, I go give you Rachel sef, but you go serve me for anoda  seven years.”

28. Naso Jacob do wetin he tok, he serve Laban for Rachel, and Laban give am Rachel hin daughter as  hin wife sef.

Naso Laban give Rachel hin daughter—Bilhah hin  house-girl, to be her house-girl.

30. Jacob con enta Rachel sef, and he Love Rachel pass  Leah, so he serve Leban for anoda seven years.

Jacob Pikins

31. Wen Baba-God see sey Jacob no really like Leah, Baba-God open her belle, but Rachel no con fit born pikin.

32. Leah get-belle, and she born baby-boy. And she call di  pikin name, ‘Ruben,’ she con tok sey, “True-true, Baba-God don see my pain, now my husband go love me.”

33. And she get-belle again, she born baby-boy, and she con tok sey, “Baba-God don still give me dis son sef, becos pipo hate me.” And she name di boy—‘Simeon.’

34. Naso she get-belle again, she born boy, she con tok sey, “Now dis time, my husband must gum-body wit me becos I don born three sons for am; so she call hin  name—‘Levi.’

35. She still get-belle again, con born baby boy. Naso she  tok sey, “Now I go praise Baba-God, so she name di pikin—‘Judah,’ and she stop to dey born pikin.


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