Genesis,  Proverbs (Pidgin Bible)

Genesis Chapter 30

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     Dan plus Naphtali
  1. So as Rachel see sey she neva born pikin for Jacob. Rachel con dey Jealous her sista, so she tell Jacob sey make he give her pikin, or else she go die.
  2. Jacob con dey vex for Rachel, he tok sey, “Abi I dey for  Baba-God place wey don hold your belle?”
  3. Naso she tok sey, “See my house-girl Bilhah, enta her  and she go born pikin for me so dat I go fit get pikin from her.”
  4. She con give Bilhah—her house-girl as wife to Jacob, and Jacob enta her.
  5. So Bilhah get-belle, con born son for Jacob.
  6. Naso Rachel tok sey, “Baba-God don judge me, and he don hear my voice sef, and he don give me baby-boy; so she name di pikin—‘Dan.’
  7. Naso Bilhah—Rachel house-girl con get-belle again, and she born di second son for Jacob.
  8. Rachel con tok sey, “I don kwanta wit my sista well- well and I don win.” And she name di pikin Naphtali.

Gad Plus Asher

9. Leah see sey she don stop to dey born pikin, she carry her house-girl—Zilpah, give Jacob as hin wife.

10. And Zilpah—Leah house-girl, con born baby-boy for  Jacob.

11. Leah tok sey, “Goodluck don show-face,” and she name am Gad.

12. And Zilpah wey be Leah house-girl con born di second baby-boy  for Jacob.

13. Leah tok see, “See as I dey happy becos di women go call me blessing,” and she name am—Asher.

14. So Ruben komot for di days of di wheat harvest, con see mandrake fruits for di land, he carry am con give hin mama Leah. Naso Rachel tell Leah sey, “Abeg give me small from your pikin mandrake fruits.”

15. Leah con tell her sey, “Abi na small mata sey you don take my husband and you wan take my pikin mandrake fruits sef? Rachel con tok sey, “Den he go sleep  wit you dis nite becos of your son mandrake fruits.”

Wen Jacob come back from farm dat evening, Leah go  meet am, con tok sey, “You must come meet me becos  I don pay for you wit my son mandrake fruits.” So he sleep  wit her dat night.

Issachar, Zebulun, Plus Dinah

17. And Baba-God hear Leah, and she get-belle, con born  her fifth son for Jacob.

18. So Leah tok sey, “Baba-God don pay me, becos I give my house-girl to my husband,” and she name am, ‘Issachar.’

19. Leah get-belle again and she born di sixth son for  Jacob.

20. Naso she tok sey, “Baba-God don give me beta gift. My  husband go respect me dis time becos I don born six sons for am.” And she call hin name, Zebulun.

21. And lata, she con born girl, and she call her name, ‘Dinah.’

22. Baba-God remember Rachel, and he hear her voice, con open her belle.

23. Naso she get belle, con born baby-boy. So she tok sey, “Baba-God don carry my shame komot.”

24. She name di boy—‘Joseph,’ and she tok sey, “Baba-God go add anoda baby-boy join dis one.”

Jacob Arrangement Wit Laban

25.E con happun sey wen Rachel born Joseph, Jacob con  tell Laban sey, “Send me komot, make I go my own place and my own kontri. 26. Give me my wives plus my pikin, wey I don serve you  for, so dat I go dey go becos you know as I don take serve you.”

27. Laban tell am sey, “Abeg, if I don see favour from  your eyes, stay small, I don see sey Baba-God don bless me becos of you.”

28. Naso he tok sey, “Tell me wetin you want, and I go pay  you.”

29. So Jacob tok sey, “You know as I don take serve you, and as your sheep, malu, plus goats take dey wit me.

30. Wetin you get no burku before I show-face, but now dem don brekete. Baba-God don bless you since I come here. So now, wen I go start to dey take care of my own house sef?”

31. Laban con tok sey, “Wetin I go pay you?” Naso Jacob tok sey, “You no go give me anytin, but if you go do dis  tin for me, I go take care of your animals, con give dem food chop again.

32. I go waka pass all your animals today, and I go

remove everi sheep wey get spots and dots, plus all di  brown ones wey dey among di lambs, and di goats wey get dots and spots—na dem I go keep as my pay.

33. So my clean-hand go tok for me wen you come check  my gain for future. If I get any goat wey no get spot plus dot, or any small sheep wey no get dark color, reason am as wetin I tiff.”

34. So Laban tok sey, “Yes, make e be based-on wetin you  tok.”

35. Dat very day, he remove all di he-goat and she-goat wey get spot and dot, plus any ones wey get small white for  body, plus everi small sheep wey get brown color. He  con put hin sons in charge of those ones,

36. wey con separate dem wit three days journey from where Jacob dey. So Jacob con dey for there—dey take  care of di rest of Leban animals.

37. Naso Jacob carry some fresh branches from poplar, almond, plus plane trees, con peel di thin lines for bark so dat di white inside part con dey show, wit thin lines and marks.

38. So he put di branches wey he peel for di container of di animals water, for front of di animals wey dey come drink water. So wen di sheep and goats wan climb demsef and dem come drink water,

39. Di sheep and goats climb demsef for front of di branches. And  dem born small pikin wey get spot, or dot, or mark.

40. Jacob separate di lambs wey dem born, con make di rest sheep face di ones wey get spots plus di brown sheep among Leban sheep; and he put hin own sheep by demsef, and he no put dem [so dat dem no go climb demsef] join Leban animals.

41. Any time wey di female animals wey strong pass—don  reach time for sex, Jacob go put di branches for di container of water—for front of di animals, so dat dem go climb demsef for front of di branches.

42. But wen di malu no strong, he no put dem inside, so na Laban con get di ones wey no-strong, and na Jacob  con get di strong ones.

43. Naso Jacob con dey grow well-well, and he get plenty  malu, plus servants—men and women, plus camels and donkeys.


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