Genesis Chapter 31

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      Jacob Run Komot From Hin Uncle

  1. Jacob hear wetin Laban sons dey tok—sey, “Jacob don  carry everitin wey belong to awa papa, and he don collect all di beta-beta-tins wey awa papa get.”
  2. And Jacob see sey Laban face don change from as e  bin dey favour am before.
  3. Baba-God con tell Jacob sey, “Go back to di land of your papa, and to your family-pipo, and I go dey wit  you.”
  4. Jacob send for Rachel and Leah to meet am for farm  wit hin animals.
  5. Naso he tell dem sey, “I don see sey your papa face don change from as e bin dey favour me before, but di  God of my papa dey wit me.
  6. And una know sey I don serve una papa wit all my  pawa,
  7. But una papa play me wayo, con change my pay ten  times; but Baba-God no let am wound me.
  8. If he tok sey, ‘Di ones wey get spot nahin you go be your own,’ naso di whole animals go born pikin wey get spot. If he tok sey, ‘Na di ones wey get long-marks go belong to you,’ naso di whole animals go con born pikin wey get long-marks.
  9. So Baba-God don carry your papa malu, con give dem  to me.
  10. Wen time reach for di animals to climb demsef, I con see for one dream sey di male animals wey dey climb  di female ones—na di male ones wey get mark, spot and dots—dem.
  11. And Baba-God angel follow me yarn for dream sey, ‘Jacob.’ And I tok sey, ‘Na me be dis.’
  12. He con tok sey, ‘Carry your eyes go up, and make you  see sey na only di male animals wey get spots, dots and mark nahin dey climb di female  ones—becos  I  don see wetin Leban do you.
  13. And na me be di God of Bethel—where you anoint di  pillar and where you make promise to me. Now stand up make you komot from dis land, and go back to di land of your family-pipo.
  14. Rachel and Leah con ansa am sey, “Abi any property  still dey for us for awa papa house?
  15. Abi he no count us as jjc (strangers)? Becos he don sell  us, con chop all di moni.
  16. All di plenty tins wey Baba-God don collect from awa  papa, na awa own, and for awa pikin; so now, anytin wey Baba-God don tell you nahin make you do.”
  17. So Jacob stand up, con carry hin pikin and hin wives  put for camels.
  18. Naso he carry all hin malu, all di properties wey he  don get, plus di animals wey he get, wey he get for Pada-aram—to go meet hin papa Isaac for di land of  Canaan.
  19. Now wen Leban dey outside dey shave di wool from  hin sheep body, so Rachel tiff her papa idols wey he get for house.
  20. Jacob play Leban (di Syrian) wayo by no letting am  know sey he wan go.
  21. So he move wit everitin wey he get, he rise up, he  cross di river, con face di mountain of Gilead.

Laban Pursue Jacob

22. On di third day, dem con tell Laban sey Jacob don run  komot.

23. So he carry hin men wit am, con pursue Jacob for  seven days journey, naso dem meet Jacob for di mountain of Gilead.

24. So Baba-God meet Laban wey be di Syrian—for dream for night, con tell am sey, “I dey warn you make you no follow Jacob tok anytin—good or bad.”

25. Naso Laban catch Jacob. Now Jacob don settle down small for di mountain, and Laban and hin men settle  down for di mountain of Gilead.

Laban con tell Jacob sey, “Wetin be dis wey you don do?—wey you deceive me by carrying my daughters  like prisoners of war?

27. Why you run komot codedly, you komot from me, and you no tell me so dat I go send you komot wit happiness, and wit songs, wit sheke-sheke, plus harp (music instrument wey get strings like guitar)?

28. And you no let me kiss my sons plus my daughters? Dis kain tin wey you don do na mumu tin.

29. Di pawa dey for my hand to do you bad; but di God of  your papa follow me tok last night sey, ‘I dey warn you make you no follow Jacob tok anytin—good or  bad.’

30. You don true-true komot now, becos you seriously wan go back to your papa house, but why you tiff my  gods?

31. Jacob con ansa am sey, “Fear bin dey catch me sey maybe you go use gragra take collect your daughters  from me.

32. Any pesin wey you see your gods wit, I go kill dat pesin. Now, for front of awa family-pipo, look by yoursef to see if your property dey wit me—den you fit carry am.” Jacob bin no  know sey Rachel tiff dem.

33. So Laban enta inside Jacob tent, and inside Leah tent,  and inside di two house-girls tent—but he no see wetin he dey fyne. So he komot from Leah tent, con  enta Rachel tent.

Rachel bin carry di gods, con put dem under di camel  furniture, she con sidon on top of dem. Naso Leban check all di tent, but he no see anytin.

35. She con tell her papa sey, “Make I no make my papa  vex sey I no stand up for your front—becos di tradition of women dey for my head.” Laban look but  he no see anytin.

Jacob con dey vex, and he change-am-for Laban; Jacob  ansa am sey, “Wetin be di wrong tin wey I do? Wetin be my sin—wey make you con dey pursue me wit


37. Evensef, you don check all my properties, wetin you don see wey belong to you? Put am here for front of all your family-pipo, so dat dem go judge between us.

38. Dis twenty years wey I don dey wit you, wen your sheep plus she-goat get-belle, dia pikin no dey die, and I neva chop di rams among your animals.

39. Di ones wey animals attack, I bring am come show you; and I pay for dem, you collect di moni from my hand—whether dem tiff di animal for afta-noon or for night.

40. Naso I bin dey, sun sama me for afta-noon, cold catch me for night, and sleep run komot from my eyes.

41. So I don dey for your house for twenty years. I serve  you for fourteen years for your two daughters, and six years for di animals, and you don change my pay  ten times.

42. If to sey no be di God of my papa, di God of Abraham, and di fear of Isaac my papa—no dey wit me, surely—you for send me komot wit empty hand. Baba-God don see my suffer-head, plus di hard work of my hands, and he don warn you last night.”

Jacob New Agreement Wit Laban

43. Naso Laban ansa Jacob sey, “Dis daughters na my daughters and all dis pikin na my pikin, and all dis malu na my malu, and everitin wey you dey see so na my own. But wetin I fit do today wit dis my daughters, or wit dis pikin wey dem don born?

Now come out make we make new agreement, me and you, and make e be for witness between me and you.”

45. So Jacob carry stone, con set am up as pillar.

46. Jacob tell hin men sey, “Gada stones.” And dem carry  stones, con set am—na for there dem chop.

47. So Leban call di place—Jegarsahadutha, but Jacob call am—Galeed;

48. So Laban tok sey, “Dis stones na witness between you  and me today”; nahin make dem name of di place— Galeed.

49. Dem still name di place—`Mizpah; becos he tok sey, ‘Baba-God dey watch between you and me wen we no  dey wit each oda.

50. If you suffer my daughters or if you take oda wives apart from my daughters—no man dey wit us. See, but na Baba-God be awa witness.”

51. Laban con tell Jacob sey, “See dis stones wey we set and dis pillar wey I don set between you and me;

52. Make dis stones be witness, and make di pillar be witness sey I no go ever cross dis stones to attack you, and you sef no go ever cross dis stones to come wound me.

53. Di God of Abraham and di God of Nahor, and make di  God of dia papa judge between us. Naso Jacob swear wit di fear of hin papa Isaac.

54. Jacob give sacrifice on top of di mountain, he con call  hin pipo make dem con chop, so dem chop, and dem stay for di mountain tru-out di night.

55. Laban stand up for early morning. He kiss hin sons  and hin daughters, he con bless dem. Naso Laban komot go back to hin place.



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